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Hello from Crossville: Let's See If We Can Get Any Work Done... - A New Cave for Kari's Lair — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Hello from Crossville: Let's See If We Can Get Any Work Done... [Dec. 16th, 2017|08:44 pm]
[Current Location |Crossville, TN]
[Current Mood |jetlagged]
[Current Music |None]


Hello from Jantel Drive, Crossville, LairCronies!  I've escaped Damp and chilly Seattle for the Dry and chilly Cumberland Plateau.  I've got work to catch Up on, now that I don't have folks calling me up to type their emails and Whatnot.  Let's see what can be Accomplished, when I'm not feeling like a Jetlagged zombie.  And if I can stop being Obsessed with (in my opinion) people who may be wrongly Accused of improprieties that have been turned into firing offenses.  Anyway, there is to be Updated...

  • A bunch of our HubPages are in Sore need of attention.

  • Let's see if our ReverbNation Profile is of any use.  It needs to be a Paid subscription if I want to submit music Anywhere.

  • Complete the update for OutLiners, our Adult Coloring Book Review Site. I can't seem to finish updating anything Anymore...

  • The Sing Globally affiliate site is nearly Updated; look at adding to the Festival Page, and finish the Folkal Profiling section.

  • Find public swimming pools on a map of Seattle, and nail Down the bus routes needed to get there.

  • The Lair of Cards is badly in need of new wall calendars.  Processing of aerial photos now in progress.

  • Older LairShops are all in need of updating.  New LithicLair images Planned, among Other things.

  • Is our SonicBids Profile still in existence?  I think it's Inactive.

  • The LairMistress's Myspace Page: Does it even exist Anymore?

  • Our Flickr Profile may have uses that we have not Yet explored.  Ditto the LairMistress's BigstockPhoto Profile...

  • We don't even know what they're doing over at Photobucket these days.  It looks suspiciously Repurposed, or something...

  • PLUS...We've got loads of photos and video clips that we need to work with.  Some terrific Youtube items should be under construction Shortly.  Focus on the Central American cruise videos and Bumbershoot videos.

Okay, meanwhile, I need to get to bed Soon, as I'll have be getting Up tomorrow around 8:00 am, if I want to take part in my Mom's dulcimer group practice.  No, the two of us play fiddle in the dulcimer group.  We even had a performing gig at a Scottish society function back in May.  There may or may not be at least one Other gig at the Local art gallery just before Christmas, Solstice, or Whatever...