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Let's See How This Lair Looks as a To-Do List... - A New Cave for Kari's Lair [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Let's See How This Lair Looks as a To-Do List... [Aug. 30th, 2017|07:12 pm]
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Okay, LairCronies; I'm going to be 53 years Stiff in a couple of days.  What am I still doing on LJ?  Probably saving money that I don't have Anyway.  Funny, I thought I'd posted here since April!  Where the hell did summer go?  And here I'm boycotting Bumbershoot for the second year in a row, because: 1) It's gotten insanely Expensive: $115 per day for what has become corporate version of an Indie Rock festival just isn't worth it; 2) It's no longer run by One Reel; some outside Corporate conglomerate has glommed our freaking arts festival, dammit; and 3) Volunteers are required to turn over their bloody bank account info in exchange for a volunteers' 3-day pass.  Ugh.  Hell, NO.  I want Bumbershoot re-localized ASAP, if we want to have any hope of salvaging its Local spirit and flavor.

Anyway, what needs to be Done very soon; and what do I need to buy with my birthday cash?  Second item First:

  • X I need a swimsuit pretty Soon.  My Mom and I are going for a Caribbean/Gulf cruise Caribbean/Gulf cruise in October/early November via Oceania.  For realz!

  • X New lingerie: cotton only, thanks

  • Request a good-quality portable audio recorder (H2 or H4 Zzounds, or something like it)

  • X More socks

  • New sneakers

  • New guitar gig bag and strings

  • More of my own LairShops' teeshirts

  • X A birthday present for my new sister-in-law.  Preferably an Original LairShop product.  She liked my greeting cards and Cherry Blossom calendar, apparently.  I still need to get to know the lady better, she being a new family member and all.  Geez, I feel so Isolated out here in the Northwest sometimes.

Okay, now the at-home To-Do List...

  • Update the Folksite, including the Accompanying mp3-review blog. (In progress)

  • New song videos (In progress)

  • Experiment with already-Recorded songs and MuseScore instrumentation

  • X Continue updating the Supposed ghost videos, whether they're uploaded to my Youtube Channel or not.

  • Work on LairLinks pages for the Folksite.

  • Add new cherry pics to the Flickr profile and Imagekind galleries.

  • Print out new business cards

  • The whole studio apartment needs dusting Bigtime. (In progress)

  • I'm overdue for: eye checkup, regular checkup and colon screening. (In progress)

And right Now, I'm not feeling particularly Motivated to do any of the above.  At least I'm finished with my building's committee membership for the year...