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Now, how does one promote an affiliate site once it's Up and Running?? - A New Cave for Kari's Lair [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Now, how does one promote an affiliate site once it's Up and Running?? [Apr. 8th, 2017|07:15 pm]
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Hi from soggy Rainytown, folks!  I just finished a New affiliate site that reviews and promotes Adult Coloring Books!  Why adult coloring books?  First of all, the term "adult coloring books" refers to coloring books that are Marketed to adults as DIY tools for stress reduction, meditation and mood elevation; it does NOT refer to "adult subject matter" (though examples of that are Available in the coloring book market).  Since the new site is on WordPress (*shudders*), it looks pretty; but I had to wrestle with malicious gremlins that I'm convinced infest that Particular platform.  WordPress is NOT easy to work with, nor particularly User-Friendly.  But I used it anyway, because I was somewhat Familiar with it already (my Slow-going genealogy archive project is also on WordPress).

Anyway, here is one example of my coloring book mini-reviews, which also link to their respective product items.  Click on the image to check out the Actual coloring book...

A coloring book of SNEAKERS?? What the actual..? Yes, I know--it sounds like a strange selection, in a universe jam-packed with volumes of pretty, mind-expanding spirally mystical thingies. But think about it for a second: who hasn't dreamed of (or attempted) repainting their own sneakers with way better colors than the ones they came with? You know you have, at some point. Well, here's your chance to try it by proxy, with 100 or so pages of the best-selling makes and models! Shoot, if your color jobs turn out really well, submit those beauties to your favorite brand's design department for consideration. This could be the start of something yuge! Seriously...

[User Picture]From: jimmiebeeee
2017-04-13 02:48 am (UTC)

A coloring book of SNEAKERS??

Seems like there are coloring books for every subject. I'm waiting for the coloring book of covers from other coloring books.

It's been rainy over here in desert country too today.

(Haven't seen you in a few years, from days at Art/Not Terminal Gallery. Mrs. Beeee!!!! and I left Seattle and moved to Richland at end of 2012, the city where I grew up.)
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