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Sing Globally, Think Universally... - A New Cave for Kari's Lair [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sing Globally, Think Universally... [Feb. 11th, 2017|07:29 pm]
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[Current Music |Something Sinatra-esque]

Well, LairCronies, we've got a new music-related Affiliate site and companion blog to spend loads of time on!  And it didn't cost us anything (not that we've got any budget for this stuff--why do you think we're using Angelfire again?).  This site is marketing old albums via eBay, while also promoting new releases via Amazon, and publishing blog posts with mini-reviews of some of the Lair's favorite songs over the years, both Old and New.

I also just finished editing my first new song video in many months, a Live version of "Come In From the Cold."  Meanwhile, I'm busy reading Up on which categories of stuff sell Best on eBay and Amazon affiliate sites.  Though I may be under some sort of money jinx from Somewhere, I'm still trying to make money.  Why am I under a money jinx?  Maybe my relatives are trying to stop me accomplishing anything music-Related; or maybe the Universe, or God, or somebody, doesn't want me to travel more Often, as I really desire to do.  Well, I really don't want to remain Stuck where I am, thanks Anyway.  And I'm tired of feeling Tired as Often as I am, even if it's the time of year for us Bear-Kin to hibernate (I often tell people that I must have bears in my ancestry Somewhere; literally all I want to do during the winter months is sleep half the day).

Anyway, in addition to the Above text link to my new affiliate site, I also have a graphic link that's Supposed to go to the same place.  Check it out here...

eBayLair Photo_Mini.jpg