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Okay, another little experiment... - A New Cave for Kari's Lair [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Okay, another little experiment... [Jan. 24th, 2017|05:39 pm]
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[Current Location |Belltown Starbucks]
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

Hello, friends; and welcome to Starbucks' VERY SLOW Wifi connection! This is the first evening I've been at home Lately; my friend the travel agent (who never saw a business deal he didn't lust after) has had me up at his office for several nights straight writing emails and construction invoices (he runs a construction company out of the same office, and wants me to design a website for it; I've already designed the stationary and invoices. Sigh...).

Anyway--I'm working on a Brand-New music affiliate website called Sing Globally, Think Universally; I've already embedded an Amazon aStore on that sucker, and I also want to embed an eBay shop for Popular, out-of-print folk and Celtic albums very soon.  Now, however, I'm trying to figure out how to embed Youtube playlists on that site; so I want to try it out here First.  We can still do that on free LJ's, can't we?  Well, here goes nothing...