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Someone I Wish I'd Met, and Felt Like I Knew...

Alas, LairCronies, our beloved Space:1999 actor, Barry Morse passed away this past Saturday, February 2 at age 89. Or perhaps he might see it, once again, as "falling off the back of the moon." It was Barry who brought my favorite S99 character, Victor Bergman, to life; it is this character I now reach to for solace. And I hope to obtain a copy of Barry's autobiography, Remember with Advantages; I only wish he was around to autograph it...

In memory of Barry Morse, 1918-2008

"To everything that was." --Professor Victor Bergman

IN LOVING MEMORY OF BARRY MORSE (6/10/1918-2/2/2008)

"I only had the pleasure of meeting Barry Morse once. But long before that (not so long, really), I had the pleasure of meeting Victor Bergman...What Barry brought to [the character of Victor], through his gentle smile, through the lilt of his voice, and those wonderfully expressive eyes of his - breathed such life into the show. A life well lived, Barry Morse. And thank you, for all that you gave, and continue to give through the work you left behind."
- William Latham, Author of Resurrection

**N.B.: The above photo and William Latham quote are both borrowed with thanks from Barry Morse's Official Site.**

We will add more LairLinks, and hopefully an online condolence book, as we find them. Plus, did you know that I, the LairMistress, have more or less taken over the once-defunct S99 comm, space_1999? We will repost this tribute there, as well...

UPDATE: Actually, here already is an Online Condolence Book for Barry! And here are some more essential LairLinks:

Barry Morse: Official Website Space:1999 Official Site Barry Morse: Wikipedia Page
The Fugitive at Anthony Wynn (Remember with Advantages Co-Author) Capt. Phil's Barry Morse Tribute
Robert E. Wood (Artist and Remember with Advantages Co-Author) Space:1999 Myspace Page

ANOTHER UPDATE: We've just found a new and wonderful Barry/Victor Youtube tribute video, embedded below!


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