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Researching the Lands of my Forebears...

Hi, LairCronies (whoever is LairLurking around here, in the Home Lair's 20th anniversary)! I'm planning to visit my Ancestral countries of Norway and Sweden next summer, Covid protocols Permitting. I haven't quite decided which cities and towns to visit; but I figure I'll have to round it Down to five or six Major sites per country. Here are some Informational sites for Various cities in both countries.  I have a sneaking suspicion that I won't want to go home once I get there...

Trondheim, Norway

Kiruna, Swedish Sapmi

Arendal, Norway (my Grandfather's home town!)

Stockholm, Sweden

Oslo, Norway

Goteberg, Sweden (guess how you pronounce this city's name!)

Tromsø, Norwegian Sapmi (getting into the Arctic region)

Bergen, Norway (This one's currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions as of 8/28/21.  Hopefully Bergen will reopen to visitors by next summer).

Uppsala, Sweden

Lofoten Islands, Norway (also closed to foreign visitors, b/c Covid)

Malmö, Sweden

Stavanger, Norway (currently closed to entry)

Well, that's Enough for starter information.  I've got until, say, next spring to finalize travel plans, Barring more Covid-19 spikes and variants... *shudders*

Tags: covid restrictions, norway, scandinavia, summer 2022, sweden, travel

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