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My Mom is in Spirit, I'm trying to invest in Immunotherapy, and I Still can't make my own money

Alas, friends; since I last posted Here, my Mom passed away from complications of Glioblastoma Multiforme, on the evening of May 14, less than two weeks before what should have been her 85th birthday (May 27).  She didn't (and couldn't) end her own life; but she was sending out Clear signals to the Universe and her Guardian Angels that she was NOT happy living as an invalid in long-term nursing care, no matter how Nice the facility was; and she wanted the hell out of here.  She hung in there for our last phone conversation on Mother's Day, when she seemed to be in relatively good spirits; but after that, she became increasingly Incoherent and Unresponsive.  Nursing staff whom I spoke to later said that she kept calling out "Help me, help me", but couldn't remember what she wanted help with when someone came to her room to check on her.  It occurred to me Subsequently that she wasn't calling for help from nursing staff, but from God, or the Angels, or the Universe, to assist her in checking out.  Even though she had completed a round of radiation therapy and chemo drugs by late April, it doesn't seem to have helped Much.  I'll include more details in Future posts.  Needless to say, I very much miss the ol' girl; I don't know whom I'll be Able to play fiddle duets with in quite the Same way.  In a Curious way, she was kind of at the center of many things I've done over the years.  At least she remained Active and Creative almost to the end of her life.

Now, to make a Long story Short(er), my brother is in the process of selling my Mom's house and consolidating her Other assets to split between the two of us; we both traveled Back to Crossville for my Mom's memorial; and I got to see my cat-sisters, Jetta and Orrie, with their new humans at Uplands' Memory Care facility.  That's right: the cats were Rehomed with a couple of residents who are living with mild dementia; hopefully it's a Positive experience for both the cats and their new humans, Bob and Sandy.  Since I returned to Seattle on June 2, I have no idea if I'll ever see the cats Again this side of the Rainbow Bridge; but I know that they're safe, loved, and well cared-for by both their humans and the Memory Care nursing staff.

Having received my share of my Mom's life insurance payout, I've opened a brokerage account with E*Trade, and would like to invest in an ETF Associated with immunotherapy.  I figure that would be a good Partial tribute to both my folks, as they both left this world as a result of Rare forms of cancer, despite having no family history of cancers of any kind.  Trouble is, the Token amount that I deposited into my account hasn't quite gone Through to be Available for investment Yet.  Not sure what I'm doing Wrong; guess I'll have to talk to a real, live human at ETrade to clear things up.  I'm a Complete novice and newbie when it comes to the world of investment; I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the finance jargon, and I have no idea Yet what to make of "futures" and stock options.  It sounds like you're plugging funds into something that hasn't happened Yet.  Whatever.  I just want to invest money in index funds, CDs, stocks and mutual funds, the sort of securities that can make you some amount of income, at any rate.  I want to make more money in order to travel more, donate more, invest more, and get myself a bigger living space, after spending 20 years in a tiny studio unit the size of a single-person college dorm room, with half-bath Attached...
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