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Christmas Premonitions and Other Scary Stuff...

Two months or Less.  That's how Long it took my Mom to go from being a completely Independent senior citizen, driving herself Everywhere and socializing normally, to being Confined to a wheelchair, moved into a senior care facility, and Unable even to go to the bathroom by herself.  And this is not, mind you, Due to a Sudden, catastrophic head injury or anything Similar.  This was Due to developing a particularly nasty, Aggressive form of brain cancer called a Glioblastoma.  Just three months ago, I was visiting her for the Christmas holidays, helping her decorate her house, and jamming on our Trademark fiddle duets, Inspired partly by trad English fiddlers like Eliza Carthy.  Something told me, somehow, that I should videotape our last fiddle session on my phone camera; and it's a bloody good thing I did.  We might not ever do this Again, since her diagnosis.  We're all hoping for a Positive outcome from her Upcoming therapies, including radiation and chemo drugs; but she might only have a year Left with us, or less.  FUCK CANCER.

I've now been staying at her house in Crossville, for going on six weeks, as she adjusts to her assisted-living apartment; I'm returning home to Seattle on St. Patrick's Day, Barring some disaster.  Her two cats, now both 13 years of age, will be living Close to her at the same facility, sharing living quarters with a couple of folks in the Memory Care division of Uplands Village in the community of Pleasant Hill (also in Cumberland County).  My brother has, via Durable Power of Attorney, been managing her financial stuff, paying bills, and what-have-you; but he's completely run Out of leave from work, though he's been working from home, due to Covid-19 precautions, for Much of the Past year.  As Daylight Savings Time took effect Early this morning (March 14), I lost an hour of sleep, which I could ill afford; but I managed to wake up just Enough to clean out the refrigerator and vacuum the rugs around the house.  The cats have been driving me Nuts vying for attention, as I try to attend to Assorted practical matters; but I love them to pieces Anyway, and will miss them desperately.  I hope I get to see them Again after this.

Aside from a couple of new teeshirt designs, I haven't gotten a whole lot of Online work Accomplished since I've been here.  My Home Lair needs a LOT of updating, as does the Folksite Music Review site, the Cafepress LairShops, and the Climate Strike blog.  I've about Given up on the Coloring Book Review site and the Confundus Conspiracy fanfic blog on InsaneJournal, though those could Always be Revived, if I felt anything Resembling motivation.  You might say I'm linking to them Here just to keep the links Handy.  Gosh knows what pages might be Out there that I've forgotten about completely.  I don't know why I can't feel more Motivated, although I have a pretty good suspicion that motivation might be Easier to come by if my Abovementioned endeavors got a bit more Public support and encouragement.  I guess it's time to take a crash course from Randy Rainbow (whose kitten turned out to be a female, now named Tippi) on how to make Relevant and hysterically Funny satirical music videos.  Those whom the gods love, and their relatives encourage, grow Young.  And really Rich and Famous.  Those whom the gods love do NOT become Orphaned by brain tumors, and Encouraged to become home care aides, just because they do a reasonably Good job of helping their Ailing parents remember how to use a cellphone...
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