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Apparently, I'm Not Too Old For Musical Crushes...

Here I am, folks, four months after my most Recent LJ post, to announce that I have a new music/comedy/internet crush.  You'd think, at age 56, that I'd be too Old for that sort of thing; but something in me begs to differ.  It happens to be this guy, one of the Younger sensations on Youtube.  Well, actually, he's been Around on Youtube for about ten years; but I only first heard of him around the beginning of the pandemic lockdown in March.  I followed a video link from Somewhere (I don't even remember from where--Twitter, Facebook, or some Similar location); landed on this video (a song parody based on the opening song of Fiddler on the Roof), and got Hooked within minutes, on a guy who calls himself a "musical theater nerd", which is certainly not the kind of music to which I normally gravitate.  But here I am, some six months Later, bingeing on Randy Rainbow song parodies.

I'm far from the Only person who has become Besotted with this Manhattan-based gay Jewish musical comedian.  Randy and his videos are frequently Described by fans as "the only thing keeping me sane during the pandemic and Trump-era shitshow."  Alas, I had never heard of him in 2018-2019, when he performed live shows here in Seattle at the Paramount Theater and McCaw Hall in the Seattle Center.  I just hope it will soon be Safe to do live music events Again, as Randy's live shows, with just a handful of backing musicians, come highly Recommended.  He seems Friendly and Approachable, can be found in many Different platforms on social media; and does interviews and photo-sharing in his apartment so Often that I'm starting to feel like I've visited the place.  Plus, he's a cat person like myself and my Mom; and he just adopted a wee Persian kitten named Sweeney Todd (!!) less than a week Ago (five months after his Longtime feline companion, Mushi, passed away at age 17).  Already the little Chincilla-Persian darling is lounging alongside Randy, watching CNN, including tonight's Vice-Presidential debate, featuring the fly on Mike Pence's head.  Don't know what the kitty thinks of Randy's adoration of Chris Cuomo and Barbra Streisand.

Anyway, I'll probably write more about Randy and Sweeney later.  I'd like to meet both of them and get to know them better, even though they live on exactly the Opposite side of the country.  I'd also like to learn to use the software Randy uses to make his Ingenious, Hilarious song-parody videos; namely Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro.  I can only imagine what they cost, even on Amazon.  On Friday, Randy will be doing a Live Q&A--what he calls a "fireside chat"; so perhaps I can buzz in a request for Recommended tutorials on Youtube regarding how to use those programs.  Stay well and stay Tuned.
Tags: musical crushes, political satire, randy rainbow, song parodies

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