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Oh, for the Idyllic days of 2000's LiveJournal!

I just had to reset my LJ password in order to Login.  Maybe I'm becoming a she-codger; but why does everything have to be Revised, Reset, Upgraded and Whatever??  I had the Same freaking password for 16 years; and suddenly, it doesn't work Anymore.  Not enough Different sorts of characters.  Sigh...

I'd nearly abandoned LJ, along with practically everyone Else, because Facebook was eating my brain; and no one seemed to be posting here Anymore.  Especially no Interesting fanfiction.  Severus Snape isn't quite the sex god he used to be since he got Assassinated, though now and Again, he gets Resuscitated for a threesome with a now-middle-aged Harry and Draco.  But the Trending fandoms Now are those with which I have no familiarity at all--a problem for all of us who don't have subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, or any Other streaming service.  Nobody makes movies for cinemas Anymore!!  I must be getting Old, though I really don't feel my age.  I remember my Norwegian great-grandmother, Theresa Jacobsen, being Found up in the attic painting its ceiling not Long before her 97th birthday.  Did she still feel like a 30-something at heart?  I have it on good authority from my late Maternal grandmother that living into one's 90's is really not Fun, especially when both your hearing and vision are going down the tubes.

And yet...I still feel like blogging Sometimes, even if nobody ever reads this post.  I intend to provide links to my original fanfics very Shortly.  I'm tired of debating things on Twitter (you practically have to have at least Intermediate-level debating skills if you want to survive on Twitter; otherwise you will be Called Out, Canceled, Deplatformed, Ghosted, or Elsewise chewed up and spat Out by tweeters one-third your age.  Sociologically fascinating, yes; but also a Massive pain in the ass), and arguing politics on Facebook.  On Instagram, I am currently following several dozen cats and dogs; they don't seem to give a crap about your politics or philosophical leanings.  They just love you unconditionally, even if you live on a Different continent.  I am having a bit of trouble posting regularly on my Climate Strike blog, not Due to lack of subject matter; but Due to way too freaking Much of it.  I simply can't keep up with everything Happening in Climate Strike communities.  Even there, I may well get eaten Alive for not being vegan, ironically Enough. 

Oh well.  I'm still Here, with or without anyone reading this...
Tags: blogging, facebook, getting behind, keeping up, livestreams, twitter

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