virgofolkie (virgofolkie) wrote,

I'm in a Traveling mood...

I'm in the mood to travel Somewhere; all the more reason to try to make Serious money doing something, FFS.  I want to travel more Often in any case; both for Musical tours, and for Archaeological tourism, in Various parts of the world.  And if I have to resort to Magickal or Miraculous means to achieve this end, well, Whatever.  It's well Past time to get Going on a musical project I've hoped and planned for over Many years Now.

I want to make a Return visit to Ireland, as well as my First-Ever visit to Scandinavia--hopefully in time for Midsummer festivities in both Norway and Sweden.  Perhaps I could gain sponsors if I set up a Gofundme page Presenting myself as a Folkloric photojournalist, though I'm not holding my breath.  I want to see the Neolithic islands of Europe, like Crete, Malta, Sardinia and the Orkneys.  What is my Best chance of earning money for these trips?  It's about time to upload my novellas in ebook form, if only I can gain Enough attention for them to make it Worthwhile.  Is it Possible to join an Established band temporarily as a Guest musician/singer of sorts?  Can I get Corporate sponsorship for a photojournalism project getting shots of Maltese archaeological sites?  Can I convince Enough corporate hotshots to buy my Original photos or digital artwork to net me some Serious revenues?

The jinx is still There, endlessly trying to narrow my horizons; telling me that I'm "not supposed to have any money" in this life, nor any Significant professional success.  Are there any cutting-edge pills I can take to bury this bullshit?  It's not telling me that I don't deserve to have money or success; it's telling me that I'm not destined for wealth or success, and God or something is going to put the kibosh on anything I try to overrule my fate.  I don't want that kind of reality; yet all gut feelings seem to be telling me that I have no choice in the matter.  Why?  Well, that's just what's in the cards; or Else, it's because I'm too old and fat to achieve anything of any consequence that also pays worth a crap.  I need Serious help.  I also strongly suspect that I wouldn't be in these straits if my Musical role models hadn't mostly died on me; or if those who are still Alive would deem me Worthy of sharing a stage with them...
Tags: creative work, feeling cursed, money jinx, music, prosperity, travel

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