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Niches, Niches Everywhere; and Not a Damn One Sells...

...Not for me, anyway.  At least once a week, I get an email from Nichehacks, talking about the top 7-10 HUGEST niches out there; it's pretty Cool, if you're Keen on plugging she-shed designs or DIY baby formula recipes.  One of the niches I'm trying to work with, Adult Coloring Books, is supposedly a Worthwhile market niche; I just haven't seen any return on my efforts Yet.  My primary focus, on my music review website and blog, is promoting new folk and world music; I have no idea if anyone even visits that page.

There's a kind of tension between choosing a Profitable niche, and choosing a niche that you have some Vague interest in.  If you're Lucky, those two spheres will intersect Somewhere.  It definitely helps to work with a niche in which you have some knowledge and experience, so that your content-writing will give people the impression that you have a clue what you're talking about.  I've looked at any number of niches on display on Amazon and eBay; believe it or not, I briefly considered doing affiliate marketing for gold and other precious metals, as well as geodes and crystals in Various manifestations.  I mean, who out there doesn't want a collection of crystal eggs to brighten up their home's or office's energy?  However, I still maintain that it's Best to write content on stuff you know a thing or two about (I probably reached my marketing high point in writing a Facebook post about my Preferred brand of guitar capo); but that Nichehacks guy insists that it's totally Possible (and likely quite Common) to "hack your way" to sounding like an authority about darn-near anything, up to and Including psilocybin microdosing and Paleo recipes.

And then there's me, the fat fiftysomething folksinger who can't sell water to a camel, due to being under a jinx of Some kind.  Said jinx is Attributable, I think, to Certain people praying and wishing for me to fail.  In dissecting the jinx, what I uncovered was:

  • My Mom: Hardly anyone cares about/is Interested in the stuff you're Interested in; ergo, it's not Worthwhile, so you really ought to give it up and do what other people (i.e. herself; she seriously freaking hated Wayne Dyer)  care about, and want you to do, Instead.

  • My aunt: Your creative work is all about you seeking attention. Nobody is Interested in your work; and you're not even all that good at it. Give it up, and do some job that's actually in demand (and doesn't make me Jealous, like the fact that you're exceeding me in guitar playing).

  • My brother, the Texas Instruments middle-management dude: Well, good luck with whatever you're Interested in; but I'm not going to help you fundraise for an open mic tour, recording project, or anything Else to do with getting your music out there (even though I'm in a perfectly good position to help you). I'm not going to buy from your online stores, Either. Toss all that Aside, and be a corporate slave like everyone Else.

  • My gaslighting close friend: Your creative work is all bullshit, and not Worth spending time on. It's selfish and Lazy of you to spend time and effort on your music and creative work. Give it all up, and help me "make a difference" and save the world in true Type A/Messianic fashion. I need someone to organize my life, and I can't bring myself to ask anyone Else to help out in my office.

  • Seriously, that's what my Supposed "nearest and dearest" are constantly, literally telling me. Hence, it stands to reason that they are the ones constantly wishing, hoping, and praying for me to fail--even to the extent of my making next-to-nothing in busking tips most of the time. Nice, n'est-ce pas?

Now, there's a niche that I know something about: jinxes and other Negative energy attacks from people close to you!  Maybe it's time I wrote some content on the topic of Psychic Self-Defense...

Tags: affiliate marketing, competition, content writing, jinx, jinx breaking, marketing niches

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