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Some LairLinks y'all should know about (Newly Revised)... [Jun. 1st, 2020|03:45 pm]
[Current Location |Belltown Pub, as of 2/8/18]
[Current Mood |moodymoody]
[Current Music |Hiphop tracks in Belltown Pub]

I believe we're Ready to reveal our full range of online LairShops, folks! The Cafepress LairShops harbor teeshirts, caps, coffee mugs, sweatshirts, mousepads, provocative boxers and the like, all with the LairMistress's original art and photographs, Including but not Limited to Irish ones! Also, the Big News is that our Cafepress Premium LairShop, The Lair of Cards, is Now OPEN and RUNNING!! Dedicated primarily to our images on paper products--Posters, Postcards, Greeting Cards, and the like, this new LairShop is still being Built, but is now fully Functional! We may even feature EP CDs and Print/eBooks there in the not-too-distant future; meanwhile, we've got everything Paper-Oriented from Stickers to Framed Prints! Better still, we are researching possibilities for designing posters for other folks as well--I've done this Before, after all, but thus far only on a Volunteer basis.

Anyway, here are LairLinks to our five Cafepress LairShops:

Artifacts of the Lair The LithicLair: Images Inspired by the Ceramic Art of Neolithic Europe All Bunnyz, All the Time Eireann85: Images from the LairMistress's Trips to Ireland in 1984-85, and 2006

UPDATE (THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 2009): There's been a bit of a shakeup on our e-commerce front, LairCronies! The Lair's private collection of prints for sale, the Nifara Gallery, has been permanently Retired and Deleted from the Lair. This is because 1) we weren't getting any sales; and 2) we decided to leave things like custom matting and framing to professionals. Therefore...we are Instead expanding our Imagekind account (see LairLink with the LairMistress's self-photo Below)! Having upgraded to a Pro account, we are expanding both the number of galleries and Uploaded images; we now are Allowed up to 100 galleries with up to 50 images Apiece! These galleries feature Custom matting and printing for each image; and we don't have to purchase these materials ourselves. Sounds like a plan! ALSO: We're still trying to decide what to do with our Photostockplus account, currently Deactivated pending renewal/upgrade. To upgrade or not, that is the question: the Annual upgrade price is a little Steep. We'll hopefully get Around to that eventually. Squidoo made the Horrendous mistake of selling out to Hubpages a while Back; and I haven't updated the lenses-turned-hubs in quite some time.  I must try to do So very Soon, if they still exist; below, Meanwhile, is a graphic link to my profile as it exists now...


The Lair's Eye View: Stock Photo Gallery LithicStock: Imagekind Photo/Art Gallery


Anyway, dear LairCronies, do check out these lovely LairShops; hopefully something will catch your eye, and you'll discover that it's got your name on it! That, and they make Lovely gifts for all occasions! I mean, c'mon, who hasn't gone bloody Bonkers trying to come up with a wedding gift for the couple who have everything (then again, I always find that you can't go wrong for that occasion with some nicely trimmed, dark red table linens from J.C. Penney...)?! TOGETHER ACROSS THE WORLD!!

I'm in a Traveling mood... [May. 8th, 2019|05:08 pm]
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[Current Location |Macrina Bakery/Cafe]
[Current Mood |restlessrestless]
[Current Music |Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode]

I'm in the mood to travel Somewhere; all the more reason to try to make Serious money doing something, FFS.  I want to travel more Often in any case; both for Musical tours, and for Archaeological tourism, in Various parts of the world.  And if I have to resort to Magickal or Miraculous means to achieve this end, well, Whatever.  It's well Past time to get Going on a musical project I've hoped and planned for over Many years Now.

I want to make a Return visit to Ireland, as well as my First-Ever visit to Scandinavia--hopefully in time for Midsummer festivities in both Norway and Sweden.  Perhaps I could gain sponsors if I set up a Gofundme page Presenting myself as a Folkloric photojournalist, though I'm not holding my breath.  I want to see the Neolithic islands of Europe, like Crete, Malta, Sardinia and the Orkneys.  What is my Best chance of earning money for these trips?  It's about time to upload my novellas in ebook form, if only I can gain Enough attention for them to make it Worthwhile.  Is it Possible to join an Established band temporarily as a Guest musician/singer of sorts?  Can I get Corporate sponsorship for a photojournalism project getting shots of Maltese archaeological sites?  Can I convince Enough corporate hotshots to buy my Original photos or digital artwork to net me some Serious revenues?

The jinx is still There, endlessly trying to narrow my horizons; telling me that I'm "not supposed to have any money" in this life, nor any Significant professional success.  Are there any cutting-edge pills I can take to bury this bullshit?  It's not telling me that I don't deserve to have money or success; it's telling me that I'm not destined for wealth or success, and God or something is going to put the kibosh on anything I try to overrule my fate.  I don't want that kind of reality; yet all gut feelings seem to be telling me that I have no choice in the matter.  Why?  Well, that's just what's in the cards; or Else, it's because I'm too old and fat to achieve anything of any consequence that also pays worth a crap.  I need Serious help.  I also strongly suspect that I wouldn't be in these straits if my Musical role models hadn't mostly died on me; or if those who are still Alive would deem me Worthy of sharing a stage with them...
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Niches, Niches Everywhere; and Not a Damn One Sells... [Apr. 25th, 2019|06:22 pm]
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[Current Location |Starbucks at 5th and Battery]
[Current Mood |discontentdiscontent]

...Not for me, anyway.  At least once a week, I get an email from Nichehacks, talking about the top 7-10 HUGEST niches out there; it's pretty Cool, if you're Keen on plugging she-shed designs or DIY baby formula recipes.  One of the niches I'm trying to work with, Adult Coloring Books, is supposedly a Worthwhile market niche; I just haven't seen any return on my efforts Yet.  My primary focus, on my music review website and blog, is promoting new folk and world music; I have no idea if anyone even visits that page.

There's a kind of tension between choosing a Profitable niche, and choosing a niche that you have some Vague interest in.  If you're Lucky, those two spheres will intersect Somewhere.  It definitely helps to work with a niche in which you have some knowledge and experience, so that your content-writing will give people the impression that you have a clue what you're talking about.  I've looked at any number of niches on display on Amazon and eBay; believe it or not, I briefly considered doing affiliate marketing for gold and other precious metals, as well as geodes and crystals in Various manifestations.  I mean, who out there doesn't want a collection of crystal eggs to brighten up their home's or office's energy?  However, I still maintain that it's Best to write content on stuff you know a thing or two about (I probably reached my marketing high point in writing a Facebook post about my Preferred brand of guitar capo); but that Nichehacks guy insists that it's totally Possible (and likely quite Common) to "hack your way" to sounding like an authority about darn-near anything, up to and Including psilocybin microdosing and Paleo recipes.

And then there's me, the fat fiftysomething folksinger who can't sell water to a camel, due to being under a jinx of Some kind.  Said jinx is Attributable, I think, to Certain people praying and wishing for me to fail.  In dissecting the jinx, what I uncovered was:

  • My Mom: Hardly anyone cares about/is Interested in the stuff you're Interested in; ergo, it's not Worthwhile, so you really ought to give it up and do what other people (i.e. herself; she seriously freaking hated Wayne Dyer)  care about, and want you to do, Instead.

  • My aunt: Your creative work is all about you seeking attention. Nobody is Interested in your work; and you're not even all that good at it. Give it up, and do some job that's actually in demand (and doesn't make me Jealous, like the fact that you're exceeding me in guitar playing).

  • My brother, the Texas Instruments middle-management dude: Well, good luck with whatever you're Interested in; but I'm not going to help you fundraise for an open mic tour, recording project, or anything Else to do with getting your music out there (even though I'm in a perfectly good position to help you). I'm not going to buy from your online stores, Either. Toss all that Aside, and be a corporate slave like everyone Else.

  • My gaslighting close friend: Your creative work is all bullshit, and not Worth spending time on. It's selfish and Lazy of you to spend time and effort on your music and creative work. Give it all up, and help me "make a difference" and save the world in true Type A/Messianic fashion. I need someone to organize my life, and I can't bring myself to ask anyone Else to help out in my office.

  • Seriously, that's what my Supposed "nearest and dearest" are constantly, literally telling me. Hence, it stands to reason that they are the ones constantly wishing, hoping, and praying for me to fail--even to the extent of my making next-to-nothing in busking tips most of the time. Nice, n'est-ce pas?

Now, there's a niche that I know something about: jinxes and other Negative energy attacks from people close to you!  Maybe it's time I wrote some content on the topic of Psychic Self-Defense...

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When Looking for Work, Start With What You Really Want First... [Apr. 1st, 2019|07:29 pm]
[Current Location |Belltown Pub, Belltown/Seattle]
[Current Mood |cynicalcynical]

Okay, LairCronies, here's the Crusty cynic/codger in me speaking...

I've figured out by Now that serving coffee at the coffeehouse will NOT land you a gig as a performer at the coffeehouse.  Volunteering at a college radio station during its fundraising period will NOT get you a slot with your own musical radio program.  Working as an event staffer at the Seattle Center will NOT result in a job doing concert promotion.  Spending years on a Local folk music society's Concert Production Committee WON'T get you Onstage as a performer any faster.  Volunteering at a Local music festival is NOT exactly how you get to perform at Said festival, unless you prefer busking along the perimeter Anyway.

Okay.  Whatever.  You get the message.  I learned all of this the up-close-and-personal hard way; I speak from Firsthand experience here.  You've got to ask, right from the beginning, for EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT, and negotiate from There.  Starting on the "ground floor", with the cruddy "get your foot in the door" gigs will, more Often than Not, result in you being Stuck at the Same level until you hand in your resignation, or get Laid Off (or, like me, you flat-out abandon the ground-floor gig by not calling in to see if there are shifts Available, anymore).  Rather, get the word out there that concert promotion, or a radio program, or a festival or coffeehouse slot, is what you're actually looking for, and save your sanity.  Let the Appropriate gatekeepers know, in no Uncertain terms, that you will NOT start at the dead-end volunteer position, and work your way up; you want to be the freaking performer at the club, or stadium, or festival stage, not the concession staffer or production worker.  You weren't put on earth to be anyone's Unpaid labor or backstage support person, especially when you're the one who needs a support system to succeed.

Now, of course, when you tell the truth to the Aforementioned gatekeeper(s), you'll be Amazed at how fast their demeanor changes.  Their friendly "we appreciate your Unpaid time and labor SO much" expression will drop Faster than those whirling "helicopter-seeds" from Whichever tree species they fall from.  They'll try to persuade you that you HAVE to start off as a Lowly volunteer if you want to be a performer for their organization.  DON'T BUY IT.  They'll try to tell you that they really have NO idea how you get a simple gig slot at their club, or coffeehouse, or radio station.  Tell them if they really have no clue "what to tell you", that you want to speak to someone who DOES have the information you need.  If all Else fails, play the Privilege Card--that is, tell the person, "Would you 'not know what to tell me' if I was a young, thin, hot-looking, white male musician?"  That, of course, will make them squirm like mad; but you know doggone Well that the gatekeepers of the world would know EXACTLY what to tell someone who "fits their image" of a performer, radio host, or whatever.  They just don't want to give YOU a fair chance if you, for Whatever reason, fail to resemble a movie star or supermodel.  If it's a gig slot you want, tell them so; and give them a business card with a link to your Youtube channel or SoundCloud profile.  Now, this may sound "easier Said than Done"; but just remember how much you DON'T want to spend ages volunteering to help other musicians put on shows, only to find out that you're practically Expected to sacrifice your firstborn just to get a ten-minute gig-opening slot.

And don't even get me Started on trying to work with other, more Established performers, radio hosts, etc.  That's an issue for Another post Herein...
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I am The Work That Dares Not Speak Its Name... [Nov. 17th, 2018|05:53 pm]
[Current Location |Belltown Starbucks]
[Current Mood |Gah...]
[Current Music |Something barely audible]

I've got to recover the joy of living and performing music. I'm not old enough Yet to give up on life and Favorite activities. I can't seem to get my backside Outside to play music, play at open mics, practice music, listen to music, make new polymer clay ornaments, or do much of anything Else. I've got to figure out how to make a living with Original creative work. I've got to get more performing opportunities. I've got to get Out more, period. I can't even get myself out of bed at a Decent AM hour. I can't keep living like a freaking recluse. I just don't quite know what is really Worth getting up for.

I can't seem to be Open about my Real thinking, my Real spiritual beliefs, my Real orientation (I think), and my True goals in life, because Certain people would stop speaking to me. I've got most of the New guitar gear I need; but I also need New scoring software, mics and Other equipment. But aside from that, I need motivation and determination, being Convinced that there's something Worth getting out of bed for. If I get a New job, it's got to be something I absolutely want to do. But I need a mindset of wanting to do Interesting things that are Worth waking up for. I can't seem to make a living doing anything, which may be part of the problem. I can't finish my recording project; I can't get a radio show; I can't find anything Lucrative to do with Original songs and photos; I can't get performing gigs, or Other musicians to work with. No one will invest in creative projects that I want to do. And when I start screaming in protest and frustration about this state of affairs, Online or Off, I get lectured about being Egocentric (which I am NOT, FFS). How do I maintain a Positive outlook when rejection and disregard feel Normal? I've got to convince myself, Somehow, that life is Worth living, and dreams and goals are Worth hanging onto. Caffeine and antidepressants don't seem to work to wake me up Anymore. Would psilocybin work any Better...?

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What Needs Updating, and What is Adorable... [Feb. 8th, 2018|10:14 pm]
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[Current Location |Belltown Pub]
[Current Mood |restlessrestless]
[Current Music |Gosh knows...]

So, here I am in the Belltown Pub (see previous post), wondering why LJ has two Different posting/editing systems.  I really don't need more than one at a time, thanks.  Lately, I'm working on processing and Photoshopping aerial and other photos; a slideshow video of the set from the volcano Haleakala, on the island of Maui, will be in progress shortly, I hope.  I'm trying to keep from getting Overwhelmed by the size and extent of my photo backlog.  I need to finish my music video of the Oscar Wilde song ASAP, which will include footage of me singing along with the audio.

The Home Lair needs updating.  My photo galleries need updating.  I need Paid accounts on my music sites, and I need to create something that actually sells Online.  The lighting in here is keeping me from seeing my laptop's keyboard clearly.  In other news, I've just about exhausted myself explaining to crowds of strangers on Twitter that "allegations" against a certain Controversial public figure are NOT proof that a crime has been Committed, regardless of how Salacious the details of Said allegations might be.  I can only imagine what the Hollywood media would say about ol' Joe Kennedy (JFK's skirt-chasing daddy), if he were alive and on the hunt here and now (he was, more or less, the Harvey Weinstein of his own day).

I've been discovering some new Pagan and/or Scandinavian folk, folk-rock and folk-metal bands recently.  There's Faun, and Omnia, and Heilung, among others.  I want to play in bands like those.  I want a band like the old Afro-Celt Sound System, or like Loreena McKennitt's veteran backing team.  I need, as I've written previously, to raise around $20k to do some of my own recording, editing, music video projects, and open mic tours.  I need to raise money to make money.  While learning more about these bands, and wondering what to do with my own music, I look with envy upon their freedom to believe what they please, and wonder why I'm still Stuck in Unsupportive, Protestant monotheism.  At least some of these folks are unabashedly Pagan; so why can't I change my spiritual beliefs as I please?  I still struggle to do what I want to do with regard to when I go to sleep, and when I wake up, on any Given day.  I'm so Accustomed to an Assigned existence, I hardly know that I want, much Less what I want.  I can hardly keep from feeling Guilty about sitting here in the Belltown Pub munching on guacamole and chips right at this moment.

Is there a deity out there that will dissolve the blocks to my success and prosperity, whatever or whoever is creating and maintaining them?  Is there some Supernatural being out there who will support me in living the life I want, without even trying to drag me Along in their own agenda Instead?  Will they help me shake the feelings that I'm not Allowed to succeed at anything, not Allowed to make money doing anything, not Allowed to follow the spiritual path that I want to journey on?  Is there a religion out there that treats charting your own course in life as a good thing?  I look around at all these folks who feel Free to be musicians, to be sexual beings, to be shamanic practitioners, to be artists, to do what the fuck they please, as long as they harm no one; and I want to know why I can't be like them.  I want to know why all my work is Ignored; why I can't make a living doing anything that's worth doing; and why I hardly dare to dream that things could be the Exact opposite of the way they are Now.

It's time that I made enough money to travel when I want to; shoot, to be able to afford to buy teeshirts and hoodies from my own freaking Cafepress shops.  It's time that these e-commerce sites helped me a bit with marketing and promotion, rather than insisting that their contributors do all their own marketing work.  I want to be able to get Away for long weekends (or longer), to catch up on my photo or video editing, or blogging, or whatever I need to work on.  I want to abandon all Assigned schedules and other obligations, and spend a week in some location with Better weather than we've got in Seattle at present.  I work hard on my music, writing, photos and whatnot; and I want my efforts to pay off.  There's got to be something I can create that actually sells.  I'm done with being Available for outside agendas, unless they line up with mine.  So there...
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The Wifi closes too Early around here... [Feb. 8th, 2018|06:47 pm]
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[Current Location |Belltown Starbucks]
[Current Mood |apatheticapathetic]
[Current Music |don't recognize it]

I think I need to find a Starbucks with Later hours than the Belltown store currently has, or I'll never get any work done.  I think I'll be headed to the Belltown pub after dinner tonight.

I'm getting Overwhelmed by the backlog of photos, video clips, HubPages and other Assorted bullshit, on top of repeatedly commenting on a certain Infamous legal case that is currently dominating Twitter, among other places.  I'm still horrendously Short of funds, and my e-commerce efforts, as Usual, are going Nowhere.  Time to start busking Again, where I can create value in "real time", and get tips that don't have to go through PayPal; and where my teeshirt design site doesn't keep around 60 percent of my markup.  First, though, I'm in Serious need of new nylon guitar strings...

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Hello from Crossville: Let's See If We Can Get Any Work Done... [Dec. 16th, 2017|08:44 pm]
[Current Location |Crossville, TN]
[Current Mood |jetlagged]
[Current Music |None]


Hello from Jantel Drive, Crossville, LairCronies!  I've escaped Damp and chilly Seattle for the Dry and chilly Cumberland Plateau.  I've got work to catch Up on, now that I don't have folks calling me up to type their emails and Whatnot.  Let's see what can be Accomplished, when I'm not feeling like a Jetlagged zombie.  And if I can stop being Obsessed with (in my opinion) people who may be wrongly Accused of improprieties that have been turned into firing offenses.  Anyway, there is to be Updated...

  • A bunch of our HubPages are in Sore need of attention.

  • Let's see if our ReverbNation Profile is of any use.  It needs to be a Paid subscription if I want to submit music Anywhere.

  • Complete the update for OutLiners, our Adult Coloring Book Review Site. I can't seem to finish updating anything Anymore...

  • The Sing Globally affiliate site is nearly Updated; look at adding to the Festival Page, and finish the Folkal Profiling section.

  • Find public swimming pools on a map of Seattle, and nail Down the bus routes needed to get there.

  • The Lair of Cards is badly in need of new wall calendars.  Processing of aerial photos now in progress.

  • Older LairShops are all in need of updating.  New LithicLair images Planned, among Other things.

  • Is our SonicBids Profile still in existence?  I think it's Inactive.

  • The LairMistress's Myspace Page: Does it even exist Anymore?

  • Our Flickr Profile may have uses that we have not Yet explored.  Ditto the LairMistress's BigstockPhoto Profile...

  • We don't even know what they're doing over at Photobucket these days.  It looks suspiciously Repurposed, or something...

  • PLUS...We've got loads of photos and video clips that we need to work with.  Some terrific Youtube items should be under construction Shortly.  Focus on the Central American cruise videos and Bumbershoot videos.

Okay, meanwhile, I need to get to bed Soon, as I'll have be getting Up tomorrow around 8:00 am, if I want to take part in my Mom's dulcimer group practice.  No, the two of us play fiddle in the dulcimer group.  We even had a performing gig at a Scottish society function back in May.  There may or may not be at least one Other gig at the Local art gallery just before Christmas, Solstice, or Whatever...
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The Stuff of Musical Dreams... [Oct. 15th, 2017|06:55 pm]
[Current Location |Belltown Starbucks]
[Current Mood |discontentdiscontent]
[Current Music |Ray Charles]

God, I really don't want to travel Tomorrow.  But the bloody reservation is Made.  Gah...

I dreamed about Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan last night; and it wasn't the first time Either, right after I'd been listening to clips of him in a tribute article on my laptop.  In fact, it feels as if I spent all night in an Alternate reality, where he was Alive, and performing all over Seattle for a mostly Desi crowd--even outside, on University Way, in a sort of Glorified busking set.  I was Elated, and Confused at the same time; I couldn't figure out if I was in an Astral plane with him and his ancestors, relatives, friends and whomever; or if he had died and come back to life (as I keep wanting to happen in real life); or if he had never died in the First place.  Plus, I kept moving from place to place with him and this whole crowd of fans, cousins, et. al.; and it seemed as if we ended up in a house where people were partying all night, and I fell asleep in a chair around a table with a bunch of other folks.  Eventually, it seemed as if Nusrat himself was telling me it was time to wake up and get on with Waking hours, while puzzling over how to deal with the next time I'm missing him something awful (this past Friday would have been his 69th birthday; and I'd been thinking of how I gave him early-birthday presents for his 47th, way back in '95, when Riz and I organized that crazy show at the Moore Theater).

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So, What Will $20k Buy Me Once I Raise It? [Oct. 12th, 2017|07:52 pm]
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[Current Location |Belltown Starbucks]
[Current Mood |frustratedfrustrated]
[Current Music |Something funky]

Happy Autumn, LairCronies!  Before I leave for Miami, there to embark into Hurricane Alley (aka the Caribbean Sea) in a few days, I need to figure out how to restart a previously Failed crowdfunding campaign.  While in Hurricane Alley, the MS Regatta will be my (and my mom's) home away from home for a couple of weeks; and when we're not doing land excursions and swimming, I hope to spend some time outlining future plans and goals for promoting my music.  For Realz.  Since a close friend of mine has become Accomplished at fundraising for Various humanitarian causes, I need to enlist his help to raise around $20,000 for music recording, publication and promotion, which would include traveling.  Dammit, I'm not getting any Younger in this universe; so it's time to Just Do It Already™.

In reference to my Previous post (the still-in-progress To-Do List), I need much of the following, and more Besides...

  • New guitar strings

  • New gig bag

  • New guitar case (hard case)

  • New fiddle strings

  • New musician's business cards

  • Duplicate EP CD's

  • Now, the updated Open Mic tour info can be easily Had online for free, of course.  And I can design my own business cards, stickers, flyers, etc.  But there is the matter of...

  • Transportation (I'm thinking of whatever deals are Available via Greyhound and Amtrak);

  • Lodging (easily Obtainable online);

  • Portable Recording items... Zoom H2 and Zoom H4N come Recommended (by at least one Local club booker/open mic host).

For Social Media bells and whistles, I'm currently in need of...

Overall, I want to make more money because I want to travel more often, especially for Musical, Photographic and Archaeological purposes.  That is to say, the businesses I want to work in, as my own boss.  I can't do too much of that Yet without more money, though; so I must do some fundraising First.  And since I am Jinxed at making and raising money, I need to enlist another Trusted individual to manage that sort of thing.  Why?  Because I refuse to resign myself to always being Broke, Unknown and Unfulfilled, just so whatever Cosmic Jerk is screwing with my life can get its own fucking way.  So there.

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