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More about Online Income, or the Lack Thereof... [Aug. 6th, 2016|08:38 pm]
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I'm not sure why I'm spending time building Amazon aStores right Now. I can't seem to make money with any other Online projects I've undertaken over the years. The more LairShops I construct and excavate, the more Money-Jinxed I feel; each just seems to be one More thing that will be completely Ignored, more clickbait that will rot on the hook before anything bites on it. Cafepress LairShops? Seldom noticed. Imagekind galleries? Nothing. Bigstockphoto profile? Nope. Photostockplus collection? Lots of views, but no sales. ReverbNation downloads? Nada. Amazon Associates Affiliate links and banners? Fun to make and install; no response. Monetized Youtube videos? A few cents' worth of views. Cashparked domain names? Barely registered. Finally: live busking sets? A few bucks in tips on a Good day. Any questions? It's the money jinx, I'm telling you. It's whatever is telling me, and the rest of the world, that I'm not Supposed to have any money. And I will need Serious professional help in order to shake it.

And please, oh please, don't tell me that I simply need to change my beliefs or outlook; or that I need to pray or parrot "affirmations" more Often. Trust me, I've tried every New Agey neurolinguistic thing Known to humanity. I can't just make myself change what I think. I need to see HARD EVIDENCE that warrants a change in belief. With all Due respect to the late, great Dr. Wayne Dyer, "you'll see it when you believe it" simply doesn't work for me. Right now, I'm resorting to vitamins and minerals to lift my mood: D-3, chromium picolinate and magnesium, along with the Usual Paroxetine.

The problem is that I can't seem to make any money with Original creative work, which is one of my Primary goals; one of the few Left to me since some snarky Higher Power or other insisted on stealing the Biggest dreams of my life, just because it could; and just because I appeared to be enjoying life too Much. Can't have that, can we? Not when self-hatred is Supposed to be the Default status of most of humanity, unless one's last name happens to be Trump. That's why I've been writing songs specifically Naming and condemning Dream-Stealing, whether by snarky Higher Powers, or Mere mortals who get Off on power-tripping. When I've discovered or developed Major goals, dreams, plans or aspirations for my own life, I expect and demand that whatever Cosmic Intelligence is out there to either support them, or leave them the fuck Alone. Period. I'm not the least bit Interested in anyone else's grand plans, agendas or designs for my life, unless they specifically relate to me writing, recording and performing my own music--and not in a Conservative religious setting, thanks Anyhow.

In any case, I must do some Serious self-Reiki and Shamanic chain-breaking with regard to the Aforementioned money jinx, because I'm not putting Up with it any Longer. And if I have to resort to using Fictional allies in this effort, I will. I surely wouldn't be the First shamanic practitioner with ties to the Potterverse, among Various other realms that exist only in the Astral Reality...