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Must Get Away; Now Taking Donations for CD Completion Fund... [Jul. 5th, 2016|08:02 pm]
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I've simply got to get Away for a while. Something--be it weather, hormones, midlife crisis, or Whatever--is stressing me out and making me severely Depressed. I have to get Away from people wanting me to do all their shopping for them, and from weekly or Monthly obligations like my building's House Meeting, and my own Weekly desk shifts. I would like to spend a couple of weeks on the Oregon coast, or Someplace near a coastline, in a fairly Decent motel that does your housekeeping for you, but also has Reasonable weekly rates. I would take one or two instruments and my laptop with me, to catch up on writing, photo processing, and music video projects, with no Outside disturbance. If I could get as far Away as Hawaii, that would be Cool; but Newport, Oregon sounds good too--my bro and his fiancée have vacationed there a couple of times. In any case, I have to get out of town, and Soon.

Very soon, I will restart my campaign to raise funds for my album completion, and one or more open mic tours around the country. I'm thinking of a Live fundraising event or two, Accompanied by busking with a cardboard notice of such a campaign in process; and a Gofundme campaign that someone else would manage, as I seem to have a money jinx Laid on me from Somewhere. I have had no luck Whatsoever with crowdfunding on my own. I hope to raise around $25K for both recording and touring/promotion; but if I could raise More than this, that would be perfectly Cool as well.

There is also the issue of work that I might do to have a Regular income; but that has to relate to music or other original Creative work. I'm interested in writing music and perhaps stories for video games, as well as music for films, TV and advertising. I have to find out how to apply for such things Online; jobhunting is Different these days from when I was trying to get work in law firms after getting my paralegal certificate. Most job listings appear to be Online these days, on one site or directory or another. And one thing that I must make very Clear: just because I'm a middle-aged person of size who has been on Disability for a while does NOT mean that I'm going to consider working in any sort of Pointless, dead-end menial job Such as those I did when I was Still signing up with temp agencies. Hell, no. I can do way Better than that, whether the employment counselors who fixate on my midsection can wrap their heads around that or not.

Basically, I do four things: I write; I create music; I take photographs; and I design things (primarily paper and digital art-Related things like Custom business cards and Original photos on postcards). All four categories of skill run in my blood, I'm Pleased to say, on both sides of my family. I want to remain self-Employed, because working for other people and their companies has never helped me in the slightest to accomplish any Personal goals, Short-term or Otherwise. I need people to help me realize my goals, dreams and aspirations; not those of the Visionary guys in upper management of Whatever company. I'd be more than Happy to contribute Original designs, Written pieces and/or photos for someone else's promotional materials or what-have-you; but my focus has got to remain on my own work. The music and photography must be my Main priority. I certainly must not waste another minute of my life doing dead-end, Pointless tasks that I either hate, or could care Less about. I'm not here to be anyone's wage slave. Let people who enjoy Terminal boredom do the Worthless, Pointless, Dilbert-persona work. Not for me, thanks...