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So, I bought a few domain names, and my subconscious went Crazy... - A New Cave for Kari's Lair [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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So, I bought a few domain names, and my subconscious went Crazy... [Mar. 8th, 2016|07:34 pm]
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Folks, I've got to make money somehow.  Dire poverty has gotten really old Yesterday.  So, not two months Ago, I got the idea to try so-Called "domain flipping" (on a really small scale, mind you) from one of those Goofy junk emails from Ewen freaking Chia, which piqued my curiosity, for better or worse.  Now, prior to then, I'd visited Godaddy.com a couple of times before, seeking new domain names for my friend the travel agent; so I wasn't a Total stranger to the site.  But I'd never actually bought domain names for myself before.  But since I had a few extra bucks left Over from the Christmas holidays, I decided to look into it.  Before doing So, however, I did tons of research on the ins and outs of buying and selling domains, which is still something of an Online novelty.  And even since I bought my first few domains (which have to do with sourcing raw materials, for Some reason), I've continued to do tons of research.  One surprise side effect of this enterprise, one that I hadn't been expecting at all, was some long-Buried associations with making money that came popping spontaneously out of my Subconscious thinking.

Folks, I seriously wasn't expecting this; but it turns out that I did, in fact, have some associations with wealth and making money that I didn't know I had, prior to my first couple of domain purchases.  First of all, it seems that I subconsciously associate making money with organized crime, the black market, the so-called "Underworld", and other things that are Dishonest, Corrupt, Shady, and borderline Illegal.  Seriously.  Secondly, I also apparently have Subconscious associations with money as something Dangerous, something Out to Get Me, something to be Scared of, or look constantly over my shoulder for.  My subconscious has been giving me hints that any sort of money-making scheme is Shady and Corrupt, an environment where I will quite likely by Ripped Off and robbed Blind (as if I actually have that Much to lose).  Mind you, none of these Subcon reactions necessarily mean that anything Bad will happen to me if I engage in what some call "domain flipping" or just "domaining" (though I have gotten a few Suspicious emails that I decided should be Overlooked).  But they are Valuable signs regarding why I've always had trouble accumulating much in the way of monetary lucre.

So far, I've only purchased and parked eleven domain names, one of which I plan to keep myself as the Home Lair's new url (I just haven't gotten Around to introducing them Yet).  But I do want to see if they will, at least, pay for themselves at some point.  And don't ask me about domain auctions (sites for which are disturbingly Abundant); I haven't quite gotten that far Yet...