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Loud Babbled Prayers in the Belltown Starbucks on a Dark and Stormy Night... [Sep. 30th, 2013|06:55 pm]
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To the folks meeting and praying Together yesterday evening here at the Belltown neighborhood Starbucks: Hey, y'all--I don't mind in the least if you get Together at Starbucks for a small religious gathering, Including prayers and discussions of Divine influence in your lives and all that; but please do try to lower the vocal volume a bit.  We were the only ones (besides the baristas) in the shop at the time; and the ultra-High ceiling in here made your voices carry to the point of sounding electronically Amplified.  I was trying to have my usual Sunday p.m. chat with my Mom in Tennessee; and we had to call it quits after about 20 minutes (she is usually at least twice that Verbose on the phone), because I could barely hear her over all your Exuberant quips about Divine intervention; and she said that I sounded like I was under water (and it wasn't even raining that hard at the time).

Then again, the style of the prayers Offered was a bit Grating as well.  The folks in this gathering took turns praying near the end of their meeting; and they all seemed to be Accustomed to praying in this rather Annoying style, the origin of which I have yet to pin down.  No doubt some readers have heard it Before--a person praying Aloud at a quick tempo (not necessarily loudly), and using the words God, Jesus, Lord, Father, and other Judeo-Christian titles for the Cosmic Intelligence at least once in every Single phrase of the generally Overlong and quickly-Babbled prayer.  There's also the problem of overuse of the phrases "just really" and "really just" in nearly every phrase.  It sounds a little like this (try to imagine someone saying this really fast, with other folks in the gathering mumbling "Amen" at intervals): "God, I just really want to lift up Jenny, Lord, and God, I know that you know what she's going through, God, and I know that you are just really going to show her how much you love her Lord, and that you have such a great plan for her life Father, and I really just ask for you to show her God your perfect guidance Jesus, and I thank you Lord that I was able to hang out with her God for a while yesterday, thank you Lord..."  And that's just the first eight seconds or So.  If you listened to this for five or ten minutes at a stretch, you might get the impression that God has some Serious attention-deficit problems, and needs to be continuously Reminded that He/She is the person being Addressed.  Either that, or God has some Unwritten rule that prayers ought to be kept to within 2-3 minutes, so you'd best cram in all your requests and petitions as quickly as Possible before God hits the "Enter" button, and moves on to the next Chattering supplicant.  I mean, come on, folks--what's the freaking rush?  If I want to communicate with the Cosmic Intelligence, I at least take my time about it.

Oh well, it's a free country (at least, it still goes through the motions of free speech and Whatnot).  And praying is one thing that corporate-Controlled media can't stick its nose into.  Meanwhile, my nightly Reiki sessions with my doggie friend continue; and he often seems to be the Strong and Positive one who makes me feel Better...

[User Picture]From: gypsyluv
2013-10-01 11:08 am (UTC)
Oh how very inconsiderate .... I mean I thought it was an unspoken rule when you go into places like that you keep it down so others can also enjoy their time there! Uuuggghhh! That would have annoyed the hell out of me. Doubt very seriously I would have last nearly as long as you did.

Anyways... it was nice seeing you post! I miss a lot these days!

(((hugs to you)))
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