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Some LairLinks y'all should know about (Newly Revised)... [Jun. 1st, 2018|03:45 pm]
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I believe we're Ready to reveal our full range of online LairShops, folks! The Cafepress LairShops harbor teeshirts, caps, coffee mugs, sweatshirts, mousepads, provocative boxers and the like, all with the LairMistress's original art and photographs, Including but not Limited to Irish ones! Also, the Big News is that our Cafepress Premium LairShop, The Lair of Cards, is Now OPEN and RUNNING!! Dedicated primarily to our images on paper products--Posters, Postcards, Greeting Cards, and the like, this new LairShop is still being Built, but is now fully Functional! We may even feature EP CDs and Print/eBooks there in the not-too-distant future; meanwhile, we've got everything Paper-Oriented from Stickers to Framed Prints! Better still, we are researching possibilities for designing posters for other folks as well--I've done this Before, after all, but thus far only on a Volunteer basis.

Anyway, here are LairLinks to our five Cafepress LairShops:

Artifacts of the Lair The LithicLair: Images Inspired by the Ceramic Art of Neolithic Europe All Bunnyz, All the Time Eireann85: Images from the LairMistress"s Trips to Ireland in 1984-85, and 2006

UPDATE (THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 2009): There's been a bit of a shakeup on our e-commerce front, LairCronies! The Lair's private collection of prints for sale, the Nifara Gallery, has been permanently Retired and Deleted from the Lair. This is because 1) we weren't getting any sales; and 2) we decided to leave things like custom matting and framing to professionals. Therefore...we are Instead expanding our Imagekind account (see LairLink with the LairMistress's self-photo Below)! Having upgraded to a Pro account, we are expanding both the number of galleries and Uploaded images; we now are Allowed up to 100 galleries with up to 50 images Apiece! These galleries feature Custom matting and printing for each image; and we don't have to purchase these materials ourselves. Sounds like a plan! ALSO: We're still trying to decide what to do with our Photostockplus account, currently Deactivated pending renewal/upgrade. To upgrade or not, that is the question: the Annual upgrade price is a little Steep. We'll hopefully get Around to that eventually. Plus, we're doing Squidoo Lenses now! Check out the LairLink below to our Lensmaster profile! NEXT: Look for us to (finally!) upgrade at least two of our basic Cafepress LairShops to Premium, now that we can afford to expand our CP base a wee bit...stay Tuned for an announcement on those developments shortly!!  NEW UPDATE: Actually, Squidoo made the Horrendous mistake of selling out to Hubpages a while Back; and I haven't updated the lenses-turned-hubs in quite some time.  I must try to do So very Soon, if they still exist; below, Meanwhile, is a graphic link to my profile as it exists now...


The Lair"s Eye View: Stock Photo Gallery LithicStock: Imagekind Photo/Art Gallery


Anyway, dear LairCronies, do check out these lovely LairShops; hopefully something will catch your eye, and you'll discover that it's got your name on it! That, and they make Lovely gifts for all occasions! I mean, c'mon, who hasn't gone bloody Bonkers trying to come up with a wedding gift for the couple who have everything (then again, I always find that you can't go wrong for that occasion with some nicely trimmed, dark red table linens from J.C. Penney...)?! TOGETHER ACROSS THE WORLD!!

I'm supposed to be out Busking today... [Apr. 11th, 2016|07:03 pm]
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Hello, LairCronies--I'm trying to create a new PayPal donation button for my CD Completion fund. Exhibit A (Note: it appears that the Actual link is getting Deleted automatically here, for some reason.  Will have to try to paste the Full code on my User profile):<input ... >

<input ... >

I'm also trying to figure out why I'm so hesitant to walk the few blocks to Pike Place Market every day--or, at Least, every Other day--to play music Outside.  I seem to have no motivation right Now, despite having a Grand time with a bunch of tourists down there a week or so Ago.  So, what's the problem Now??

There are Various rationalizations on my part:

  • I don't like walking long city blocks with my guitar.

  • I might not find a good spot, if any spot at all.  There's a Fair amount of competition for spots among Pike Market buskers, which sometimes causes conflicts and controversies for the Market Master to deal with.

  • I don't want to perform when it's raining or seriously chilly.

  • I can't seem to drag myself out of bed at a Decent hour most days.  I lie there and wonder if there's anything in life worth getting out of bed for.

  • I'm seriously Addicted to online activity.  It decreases my motivation to play music outdoors.

  • I might not get any tips for performing, or not Much to speak of.

  • Certain bodily functions might interfere with my performance.  I won't gross you out with the details.  My body is middle-aged; put it that way.

  • The crowds might just ignore me, and make me feel like I'm wasting my time.

  • I might lose my voice while singing; or Sudden overuse of vocal faculties without enough warmup exercise might cause some type of throat infection.

  • Or something else Unpleasant might happen...

At any rate, none of these are Valid excuses.  The acedia just keeps hitting me over and over Again.  I've got to stop with this bullshit, and get to playing every other day for sure--at the Market, on street corners, in the bus tunnel--Somewhere...

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Some words from a Long-Ago tribute article... [Mar. 9th, 2016|07:19 pm]
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[Current Mood |discontentdiscontent]

I was just adding some new text links to the Lair's Tribute Article for Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; and began reading through the Last few paragraphs. I decided to insert a couple of them Here, as they could not be more timely Today...

"...While it is great that I have vivid memories of interacting with a musician whom I loved, respected and cared about so strongly, I miss him terribly; and so many musical dreams I had have been stolen from me and destroyed so senselessly. I was very serious about wanting to work with Nusrat on a professional basis. I had many ideas about blending his music with traditional Celtic music in some fashion; and for this reason I tried to learn as much about qawwali music and Sufi philosophy as I could from reading and listening to recordings and videotapes, even when I couldn't be in direct contact with him or other Sufi musicians. When I met him and his group the day before their Seattle concert in 1995, I gave him two cassettes as an early birthday present: one by a local Native American flute player, and a live concert tape by Makem and Clancy (my favorite Irish musicians). He told me later that evening that he had listened to them while some of us were out shopping for him up in Lynnwood, and that he had especially enjoyed the Irish tape. He asked me a number of questions about Ireland and Irish musicians; and in August of the next year (the last time we spoke), he mentioned that he had bought a number of Irish albums since then on visits to the UK. He had already been introduced by Ry Cooder to members of the Chieftains group some time before that. He listened avidly to all kinds of music, from Indian classical to western opera to Bruce Springsteen; and announced in 1996 that he was looking for a good jazz vocalist to collaborate with. Most importantly, to worship God through music was the primary aim of his entire life.

But now I am left with many precious dreams of music gone up in smoke. Sometimes it seems that nothing I want to do works out; that it is useless to have any creative dreams, goals and aspirations, because our society (and perhaps even fate) just doesn't support people with an artistic calling. Part of the problem is my own negative inner voice that discourages me so often from pursuing and realizing these dreams, even though I know plenty of other people who do just that without too much of a problem. My own family have not been much help either; whether well-intentioned or otherwise, most of my relatives have tried to discourage me from professional musicianship, perhaps unaware that music is a high and blessed calling and my greatest love, and I simply cannot sacrifice it to fit into the mainstream corporate world like everyone else. No other work that I do means anything to me except for the paychecks, and I cannot live for that alone. Some family members speak disparagingly of my supposedly selfish desire to "do my own thing", as though dedicating myself wholly to music and creative work is somehow equivalent to being a drug dealer or peddling sex on the streets of Seattle or Tacoma. This is outrageous nonsense; and that sort of discouraging attitude is what is truly selfish and life-denying. A calling to music or other arts is many people's form of service to the world, and artists need the full moral support and encouragement of the people closest to them; my spirit has been crushed and smothered for so long without this that I feel like I have been slowly dying for years from the inside out...."
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So, I bought a few domain names, and my subconscious went Crazy... [Mar. 8th, 2016|07:34 pm]
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Folks, I've got to make money somehow.  Dire poverty has gotten really old Yesterday.  So, not two months Ago, I got the idea to try so-Called "domain flipping" (on a really small scale, mind you) from one of those Goofy junk emails from Ewen freaking Chia, which piqued my curiosity, for better or worse.  Now, prior to then, I'd visited Godaddy.com a couple of times before, seeking new domain names for my friend the travel agent; so I wasn't a Total stranger to the site.  But I'd never actually bought domain names for myself before.  But since I had a few extra bucks left Over from the Christmas holidays, I decided to look into it.  Before doing So, however, I did tons of research on the ins and outs of buying and selling domains, which is still something of an Online novelty.  And even since I bought my first few domains (which have to do with sourcing raw materials, for Some reason), I've continued to do tons of research.  One surprise side effect of this enterprise, one that I hadn't been expecting at all, was some long-Buried associations with making money that came popping spontaneously out of my Subconscious thinking.

Folks, I seriously wasn't expecting this; but it turns out that I did, in fact, have some associations with wealth and making money that I didn't know I had, prior to my first couple of domain purchases.  First of all, it seems that I subconsciously associate making money with organized crime, the black market, the so-called "Underworld", and other things that are Dishonest, Corrupt, Shady, and borderline Illegal.  Seriously.  Secondly, I also apparently have Subconscious associations with money as something Dangerous, something Out to Get Me, something to be Scared of, or look constantly over my shoulder for.  My subconscious has been giving me hints that any sort of money-making scheme is Shady and Corrupt, an environment where I will quite likely by Ripped Off and robbed Blind (as if I actually have that Much to lose).  Mind you, none of these Subcon reactions necessarily mean that anything Bad will happen to me if I engage in what some call "domain flipping" or just "domaining" (though I have gotten a few Suspicious emails that I decided should be Overlooked).  But they are Valuable signs regarding why I've always had trouble accumulating much in the way of monetary lucre.

So far, I've only purchased and parked eleven domain names, one of which I plan to keep myself as the Home Lair's new url (I just haven't gotten Around to introducing them Yet).  But I do want to see if they will, at least, pay for themselves at some point.  And don't ask me about domain auctions (sites for which are disturbingly Abundant); I haven't quite gotten that far Yet...
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My desire, my whim, my idyll... [Feb. 21st, 2016|06:54 pm]
I need to get back to Hawaii; Seattle in winter is not a good place to be when you've got a head cold followed immediately by aggravated allergies/sinusitis. Perhaps I can do a new crowdfunding project to get me out to Hawaii for a few weeks..?

I'm supposed to be on an open-mic tour up and down the West Coast right now; that's another thing I need to fundraising for; gosh knows my relatives aren't going to help me with that. My Mom just sent me money as a commission to do a genealogy compilation project for her and my aunt; no way will either of them help me to fund a musical project to promote my own songs. My brother could fund the Whole thing by himself; but he won't, just as a matter of principle. And I need to find people who believe that it's a good thing for me to promote my music on the road.

This Election season is completely batshit Crazy. Our two remaining Democratic contenders are an unlikely pair (Clinton and Sanders); but no way in hell am I living in a society under a government run by ANYONE on the GOP clown car. They're all completely Insane, especially Cruz. The only halfway Sane one, Jeb Bush, just dropped out Yesterday.

I've got to make money to finance my album and touring somehow.  I need to focus at least Some attention on what I actually want in life.  When I reconnected (via meditation) with Rachel Yaakar's portrayal of Poppea (in the opera The Coronation of Poppea; I get quite Intoxicated by that Particular portrayal Somehow, in a very Erotic/Bisexual fashion), with whom I had a Strong girlcrush many years ago, one thing her apparition told me that got my attention very strongly was, "Not only do you not know what you want; much of the time, you don't even know THAT you want."  In my inner world, she represents the Temple of Aphrodite, and the principle of Fulfilled Desire (regardless of the historical Poppea's tragic end). 

In my Everyday existence, I have pretty much all that I need; but I want a higher income.  I want to travel more Often, including outside the country.  I want to travel and perform music inside and outside the United States.  I want to go on more adventures to visit and photograph Archaeological sites in Europe and Elsewhere (half the countries I want to visit for Archaeological purposes are in the Middle East, and Judged by our government as too Dangerous to visit!  Go figure).  I also need to come up with a fitness regimen that gives me more energy Overall.  Anyway, this quest for a higher income is also being Covered in the post directly after this one...


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Kind of Strange, but... [Jan. 19th, 2016|07:40 pm]
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I keep imagining songs (Original and Otherwise) that I would like to have sung to people like Alan Rickman, Liam Clancy, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Robin Williams, and a bunch of other people I like who are all currently Deceased.  Then again, perhaps I still can.  People don't really die when they kick their Ailing bodies to the curb, as I have to keep reminding myself.  Besides, being in hibernation mode here in a Dreary Seattle Winter ®, I feel a Great need to sleep and cuddle with my favorite Fictional characters right now.  They don't actually die, or Otherwise go off and leave you feeling Stranded and Bereft.

So, what can I do to distract myself from seasonal depression?  I'm still waiting to hear if my brother and his girlfriend have gotten Engaged yet.  After all, they've lived through an Oregon fishing trip, a near-miss by a tornado over the holidays, and one of my bro's nasty nosebleeds, which his lady/partner (herself an architect of sorts, with a fine arts degree) reportedly handled quite professionally.  She got along great with my Mom during a pre-holiday visit in Tennessee (which I just missed, alas), which is another Positive sign.  But so Far, they're both keeping everyone in suspense, for some reason.  Plus, she and her family are Vietnamese, so she makes really good pho, among other tasty Southeast Asian cuisine.

Finally (for now), I've downloaded more video clips that I may or may not use for my music video for the Original song "Sebastian" (my 1992 tribute to Oscar Wilde); and they will all need to be viewed and edited, should I decide to use any of them.  If I can just get myself out of a bloody funk long Enough, that is...

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Too Much Dying This Week... [Jan. 14th, 2016|07:04 pm]
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LairCronies, it seems as if death has gotten fashionable Lately.  Scottish singer Andy M. Stewart, and my friend and former neighbor, Cheryll Kiger, during the holidays.  I come Back from a few weeks in Tennessee, to find that another neighbor, Rosalee Devera, had died suddenly a few days Before.  And just this week, David BowieAlan Rickman, just today.  And Celine Dion's manager/husband and soulmate, René Angélil, a few hours Ago.  As someone has written Elsewhere, "January 2016 has been a cruel month so far."  And because I've felt such a Deep connection to his best-known role (Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films), Alan's death hurts the most; and I never even met the man, except through his roles, and spoken interviews, and writings.  I knew there had to be some reason that I was feeling so Down last night, aside from the Dark vibe of the Seattle winter.  Pray to whatever Higher Power is out there that Maggie Smith isn't Next.  Not yet, anyway.

Even at my age (51), I want to take refuge in the universe of fictional characters, who never really die once Created.  In inner space, there are magical castles, afterlife music festivals, floating sky islands and the like, where all those to whom one feels thus Connected are always there to welcome one Back; and to share their music, food, conversation, companionship, beds, and magical energy.  There must be someplace that offers refuge from the so-Called "Real World", even for someone well into middle age.  This must be why core shamanism has become so Popular in western societies; because we need fairytale realms in our inner spaces (maybe this is why I enjoy hidden object games on my WildTangent console so Much).  Better that than getting Wasted in some lonely bar in a Dodgy neighborhood when a famous stranger's death is hurting your heart.  And just "keeping it Real", or "keeping a stiff upper lip" simply doesn't work for all of us.  I don't want Real right Now.  I want Fantasy and Love and Peace and Companionship, however Illusory.  Especially considering the Insane and Inane politics and religion and social alienation Here and Now in the Real World.  Screw all that; I'm tired of all the screaming lunatics running for President already, and the first caucus hasn't even started Yet.

On top of all this, I still don't understand why I can't seem to make any money doing bloody anything.  I recently became the owner of a couple of new domain names, and I don't have any idea if domain-flipping will prove any more Lucrative than anything Else I've tried.  But that's a subject for a different post...
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Can we or can't we (post affiliate links here, that is)?? [Dec. 22nd, 2015|08:42 pm]
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I've been hearing through the cyber-grapevine that one cannot post Affiliate links in LiveJournal posts.  Either that, or LJ swipes one's affiliate identity, and keeps one from earning one's commission.  Is either allegation True?  I have no idea.  Should I try an experiment with an affiliate link in this post, to see what happens?

Suppose I stick an affiliate link to the DVD of one of my Favorite films, Independence Day, in this post?  Will my LJ account self-destruct?  Or will the powers-that-be just give me the equivalent of a warning citation?

We shall see.
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Have you seen our LairClips? Translation: We have a Youtube Channel! [Dec. 21st, 2015|08:49 pm]
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Hello, LairCronies--something just poked me in the ribs, reminding me that I haven't called much attention to the LairMistress's Youtube channel, not to mention its uploads and playlists!  And then there's the fact that it could really use a bunch more subscribers, if you happen to have an account at Youtube, the internet's Coolest version of Alice's Restaurant.  Seriously--you can literally find bloody-near anything you want (or, at Least, anything you can film and upload in video form).

So, what is on this channel thus Far?

Slideshow Videos: Including slideshow videos illustrating Original song clips in mp3 format, such as this one, Outside Looking In.  And slideshow videos with Accompanying audio that was Recorded at the same time the collection of photos was Taken, such as this one of the Giant's Causeway on the Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland.

Original Song Videos: Live clips of myself with guitar or bodhran, Singing original songs that have not been professionally Recorded yet.  Among these are my song parody about Colton Harris-Moore; and the song Half a Chance, Written in protest of being Rejected as a musical collaborator (which I have written about here previously).

Online Business Promo Videos: I still have a bunch of online stores and photo galleries, Beginning with this slideshow video Created to promote The LithicLair, our beloved LairShop dedicated to Neolithic-themed images.  A bunch more promo videos are, of course, in the Planning phase.

Rather Crazy Live Videos with a Shaky Camera Hand: I couldn't resist the opportunity this Past summer to make a bunch of video clips of my Mom's cats, though some of these came out a bit on the Shaky side, due to my inability to hold the camera Steady.  Plus, the cats were rather Bored and altogether Unimpressed with my propositions for internet fame, though Orrie (the black and white one) indulged me to the extent of rolling around on the living room carpet and playing with a red ribbon.  Anyway, my channel now has a token Cute Cat Video with a bluegrass music soundtrack, courtesy of MuseScore music scoring software.

For future projects, I am planning a very Ambitious music video for my Oscar Wilde memorial song "Sebastian"; and slideshows of Aerial photos, Irish archaeological sites; and scenery from Guatemala and Hawaii.  Among other things.  Meanwhile, I am quite in need of help and advice for getting more views and channel subscribers.  This research is one of the projects I have planned for my Christmas vacation here at my Mom's house in Crossville, TN, from which I am currently posting...
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Regarding Income Generation... [Dec. 11th, 2015|07:15 pm]
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"What we have here is a failure to accumulate."  --Jim Varney, from the film Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)

Gah...what's Wrong with me that I can't make any money doing anything Original, LairCronies??  I have a Strong impression that something's blocking any cash flow that even remotely tries to get Anywhere near me!  And this has got to stop ASAP!  I don't want to live like a starving artist in La bohème the rest of my Freaking life!!

Nothing I design for Cafepress products in my LairShop is selling worth a damn.  The most recent thing I sold was several weeks ago was a coffee mug with my Carrowmore dolmen photo on it.  The things I spend the most time and effort on are being Disregarded entirely.  Even sales of the What Would Hitch Do? bumperstickers (created in memory of the late Christopher Hitchens) have dried up Completely.  I've made a lot of Other attempts to market and promote Original creative work besides the LairShops--original mp3 song downloads at ReverbNation; photo galleries at Imagekind; Juried and Accepted photos for download at Bigstockphoto/Shutterstock; original song videos on Youtube.  And, of course, I do street performing around Seattle (though I can't really do it when it's raining constantly for much of the winter), and Seldom get more than a few bucks per set (of course, since the economy when Bust in 2008, I figure a set is Successful if I make anything at all).  I ran a Gofundme campaign to finish my CD a couple of years ago, and raised all of $20 (and Eternal thanks to my friend who donated that!).  I've repeatedly asked a good friend of mine with a Huge knack for fundraising to help organize a fundraising event for my CD and a Future open mic tour up and down the west coast, with virtually Zero response on his part.  And yet he wants me to do much of the emailing and other stuff to organize Charitable fundraising events for causes all over the bloody planet--for ZERO compensation, no less.  Whisky Tango Fucking Foxtrot???

Personally and professionally, I should be WAY Ahead of where I am now.  Why am I not??  Why can't I generate income from my own Creative work?  Why can't I make money being my own boss?  I need to find out where and how my financial blocks are coming About, and get the hell rid of them--whether by Reiki, or any other method that may be Required.  I've got to stop being Ignored, Disregarded, Rejected and Underpaid/Unpaid.  Something I do to generate income has GOT to work out for me.  Whatever or whoever is blocking me from gaining income and professional success, knock it the eff off or I'm shutting YOU down.  I have as much right as anyone Else to live, work, and make money on my own bloody terms.  I don't have to do what your ass wants me to do.  That includes my Mom, who wants me to go into teaching like she did, get my hair cut Short like hers, and Otherwise be a carbon copy of herself, none of which is going to happen.

I need guidance on dissolving financial blockages, included those Generated from Long-time debts.  I'm very Skeptical about literature telling me that I just need to change my mindset, and everything around me will undergo Radical change in a matter of days.  I need Solid evidence that warrants a change of mindset or belief; I can't just will myself to think or believe differently (though God/dess knows I've tried this a number of times).  Screw all this "you'll see it when you believe it" stuff.  It doesn't work when you're being Blocked by someone or something outside yourself.  I need Outside help to change my circumstances, that doesn't require me to answer to a bunch of business-Attired morons who consider themselves my "superiors."  I need people to help me get more views and subscribers to my Youtube Channel, just for starters.  And then help me to turn around all these Other forms of "passive income" Abovementioned...

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