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Some LairLinks y'all should know about (Newly Revised)... [Jun. 11th, 2016|03:45 pm]
[Current Mood |hopefulhopeful]
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I believe we're Ready to reveal our full range of online LairShops, folks! The Cafepress LairShops harbor teeshirts, caps, coffee mugs, sweatshirts, mousepads, provocative boxers and the like, all with the LairMistress's original art and photographs, Including but not Limited to Irish ones! Also, the Big News is that our Cafepress Premium LairShop, The Lair of Cards, is Now OPEN and RUNNING!! Dedicated primarily to our images on paper products--Posters, Postcards, Greeting Cards, and the like, this new LairShop is still being Built, but is now fully Functional! We may even feature EP CDs and Print/eBooks there in the not-too-distant future; meanwhile, we've got everything Paper-Oriented from Stickers to Framed Prints! Better still, we are researching possibilities for designing posters for other folks as well--I've done this Before, after all, but thus far only on a Volunteer basis.

Anyway, here are LairLinks to our five Cafepress LairShops:

Artifacts of the Lair The LithicLair: Images Inspired by the Ceramic Art of Neolithic Europe All Bunnyz, All the Time Eireann85: Images from the LairMistress"s Trips to Ireland in 1984-85, and 2006

UPDATE (THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 2009): There's been a bit of a shakeup on our e-commerce front, LairCronies! The Lair's private collection of prints for sale, the Nifara Gallery, has been permanently Retired and Deleted from the Lair. This is because 1) we weren't getting any sales; and 2) we decided to leave things like custom matting and framing to professionals. Therefore...we are Instead expanding our Imagekind account (see LairLink with the LairMistress's self-photo Below)! Having upgraded to a Pro account, we are expanding both the number of galleries and Uploaded images; we now are Allowed up to 100 galleries with up to 50 images Apiece! These galleries feature Custom matting and printing for each image; and we don't have to purchase these materials ourselves. Sounds like a plan! ALSO: We're still trying to decide what to do with our Photostockplus account, currently Deactivated pending renewal/upgrade. To upgrade or not, that is the question: the Annual upgrade price is a little Steep. We'll hopefully get Around to that eventually. Plus, we're doing Squidoo Lenses now! Check out the LairLink below to our Lensmaster profile! NEXT: Look for us to (finally!) upgrade at least two of our basic Cafepress LairShops to Premium, now that we can afford to expand our CP base a wee bit...stay Tuned for an announcement on those developments shortly!!


My Squidoo Lensmaster Profile The Lair"s Eye View: Stock Photo Gallery LithicStock: Imagekind Photo/Art Gallery Karen"s SNOCAP Music Store


Anyway, dear LairCronies, do check out these lovely LairShops; hopefully something will catch your eye, and you'll discover that it's got your name on it! That, and they make Lovely gifts for all occasions! I mean, c'mon, who hasn't gone bloody Bonkers trying to come up with a wedding gift for the couple who have everything (then again, I always find that you can't go wrong for that occasion with some nicely trimmed, dark red table linens from J.C. Penney...)?! TOGETHER ACROSS THE WORLD!!

SPECIAL UPDATE (FRIDAY, DEC. 7): Right now, friends, we would like to ask y'all to consider donating to the LairMistress's recording project fund. Our funds are quite low at present, which has prematurely curtailed the recording of said LairMistress's first full-length album! Interested persons are hereby Invited to donate to this fund via PayPal:

Thank you very much in advance! And please accept our best wishes for the Holiday season, whichever holiday or festival you and yours prefer. And have a Happy New Year besides!!

Pseudo-Jetlag and The Nusrat Ramble... [Feb. 21st, 2015|06:43 pm]
[Current Mood |accomplished]

Golly, I actually managed to get up at 10:30 this morning, which is Early for me! This provided me Ample time to actually get some things Done today. I have a Serious sleep problem, in which I stay Up entirely too late, and then can't drag myself out of bed the next day until sometime after noon without feeling seriously Jet-lagged. This simply won't do. I guess I have to be patient with myself, and take this attempt to change my mental clock system a day at a time. Thanks to a certain friend of mine for being Supportive and giving constructive advice...

Believe it or not, I'm composing an Irish-style fiddle tune on MuseScore in honor of the late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (my all-time Favorite musician Overall), which I've had bouncing around in my head for years Now (the tune, not Nusrat!). Maybe I can add other instrument lines to it, and release it in mp3 form pretty Soon...

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Feeling guilty when I follow my own whims... [Feb. 11th, 2015|06:19 pm]
[Current Location |Starbucks in Belltown]
[Current Mood |discontentdiscontent]

Hello, LairCronies; and a Belated Happy New Year! Looks like LiveJournal has been tweaking and mucking About with their profile layout again. Perhaps I should do the same with some of my Cafepress LairShops.

I've come to the Shocking realization that, as with most of my youth, much of my life feels "Assigned". In other words, I keep doing things that I feel like I'm "Supposed" to be doing at any Given time, whether it's checking email, going for walks Outside, designing song videos, or whatever. When I decide, "to heck with all that", and follow my own whims or preferences, I feel guilty about it, as if I'm going against some pre-Ordained schedule. What has shocked me even More is the Recent revelation that, half the time, I don't even know what I want--or,for that matter, THAT I want. Maybe that's what happens when bloody Facebook eats your brain.

There are so many things I want to do, as Opposed to needing to get Done. I've got a new song video in the works for my song "Outside Looking In"; but when I look at the number of Original photos already in the video-making mechanism on Photoshop Elements, I start balking and think, "There's no way this is ever going to get Finished!" And there's only five short verses in that sucker. And then there's all the people I want to meet, and perhaps even work with, like this Newlywed bloke.

I feel Trapped in the vicinity of my building and the nearest Starbucks (where I am Now). And, as with the projects I've mentioned Above, I keep mentally turning things I want to do into "things I've got to get Done"; and then I start rebelling against them, and then feel Guilty about how many times I've put off their completion. And now that I've hit the Big Five-Oh, I'm realizing all the more frequently that I'm not going to live to be 200; hence I don't have an Unlimited span of time to get everything Done, whether I want to do them or not. This bit of blogging, for example, has been put Off way too Long now...:/

LinkLeave a comment my Hawaiian pics Back! [Oct. 15th, 2014|04:16 pm]
[Current Mood |relievedrelieved]

I recovered my photos from Hawaii, via my Recovered memory card!! Got 'em all Transferred to a CD at our neighborhood Rite-Aid a couple of hours Ago; and now they are all on my hard drive at last, waiting to be Photoshopped and (for some of them) commercially Exploited. My camera may have been Destroyed by waves and sand on Kauai, but they couldn't keep a good memory card Down!

I am Delighted. Now, if I can just find a new camera with plenty of zoom, that doesn't cost four arms and a leg...

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This is only a Test... [Oct. 14th, 2014|07:13 pm]
[Current Location |Belltown Starbucks]
[Current Mood |accomplished]
[Current Music |That ghastly cover of "Pourtant" by Cyrille Whatsherface]

This is a test, LairCronies. This is only a test. I'm designing new signature images that link to the Cafepress LairShops, among other places; and I want to see how to upload these suckers and add the Appropriate links to them. You might say we're trying to "monetize" this Lair over at LiveJournal before the Russian porn guys start moving in on us. At least, I assume that some LJ blogs without Russian girly pics still exist, yeah?

So, let's do this test post of a Cafepress signature banner (custom-Designed in my Spare time by the LairMistress herself!), and see how it looks! Don't worry; more content still coming...

The LithicLair: Neolithic LairShop
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Why I Hate Cleaning My Apartment... [Apr. 8th, 2014|07:00 pm]
[Current Mood |frustratedfrustrated]

I can't seem to get my "spring cleaning" Done. The late-winter cleaning was bad Enough; but I had to go through the motions, at least, because brief unit inspections were Imminent.

Either way, I can't stand dusting, more than anything Else. I just don't want to spend time on it, because I want to spend time on other things (and I'm speaking as someone with a Longtime allergy to house dust). This keeps reminding me of the fact that there's an awful lot of more-Desirable things that I'm not getting Done. Part of the reason for this is that I still have a lot of trouble getting Enough sleep (and that I've sort of broken up with my CPAP), and can't seem to drag myself out of bed in the morning. This, in turn, makes me question whether there's anything Worth getting out of bed for, Given the lack of musical gigs and money being Made on my creative work generally, with or without my Desired musical partnership.

That, in a nutshell, is pretty much why I currently hate cleaning. At least I can more or less analyze and understand the situation. Call it acedia, or Whatever...
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The Lair's Open Letter to MA DCF Commissioner Olga Roche re: Justina Pelletier [Mar. 28th, 2014|06:57 pm]
[Current Location |Belltown Starbucks, Seattle]
[Current Mood |commanding]
[Current Music |Some pop instrumental thingie]

...Because this sounds a bit more "Professional" and "Appropriate" than "#FreeJustina, you godforsaken Nazi robot!"  Or whatever...

Dear Commissioner Olga Roche:

I am also one of those across the country who is highly concerned about Justina Pelletier and the conditions in which she is being held.  I do not in any way intend this communication to be a threat against anyone in MA DCF, or against any other party.  I am aware that your agency and other public officials involved in the case of Ms. Pelletier and her family have received threatening and otherwise inappropriate communications, and I do not condone, nor have I have involved myself, in any such behaviors.  I do believe that both Ms. Pelletier and her family have been ill-served by DCF, by Boston Children's Hospital (BCH), and by your state's juvenile court system; and that Ms. Pelletier's health has declined as a direct and indirect result of this.  Recent photos of Ms. Pelletier are all over the Internet; so there is little point at present in holding her incommunicado, restricting her contact with the outside world, and prohibiting her family even from photographing her.  I believe that she indeed suffers from a diagnosable physical (not psychiatric) condition, and that she must be seen immediately by her court-ordered medical team based at Tufts University Medical Center.  Please immediately order that her medical evaluation and appropriate treatment for whatever conditions she suffers from should go forward at once, without any further delay.

My primary concerns are that Ms. Pelletier must receive medical treatment appropriate to her actual condition (and that she be evaluated thoroughly, either to confirm or rule out a mitochondrial disorder); and that she be free to visit, contact, and communicate with anyone she wishes, whenever she wishes to do this.  The State of Massachusetts is now completely responsible for her life, health and welfare; so I must insist that her wishes, needs and opinions be listened to, respected and implemented without delay. Ms. Pelletier is now 15 years of age, going on 16; hence, she is old enough to take an active role in her own medical care and all other decision-making pertinent to her own life.  She must be allowed to contact family, friends, media or whomever by post, cellphone, email, online social media, or in person; and no longer held in isolation like a convicted felon or someone threatening national security.  If she wishes to have an online presence, via blog, website, Facebook, Twitter or other social media, she should be free to do so, and not in any way impeded from exercising her Constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of expression.  If she wishes to participate in religious services or celebrations (Christmas, Easter, etc.) with family and friends, she must, by law, be free to do so (and to visit with clergy members or chaplains if at all possible).  She must, by law, receive appropriate education and tutoring in order to help her catch up and prevented from further falling behind in her studies.  When visiting with friends and family, she must be free to communicate on any subject she chooses, including the quality and nature of hospital and outpatient treatment that she has received to date.  Please immediately order the DCF employees involved with Ms. Pelletier to allow her free communication with the outside world, and to stop treating her like a terrorist in solitary confinement.

I thank you for receiving and reading this communication; and I look forward to your positive and prompt reply.

Most Sincerely,

Karen I. Olsen
Seattle, WA USA
(931) 248-4275

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Another New Year; and Frightening Revelations [Jan. 12th, 2014|07:10 pm]
[Current Mood |groggygroggy]

Happy New Year, LairCronies!  It's now 2014, which will be Year 50 for me!  That is to say, I will hit the Big Bad Five-O this Coming September!  That's Frightening Revelation number 1.

Frightening Revelation Number 2: Sitting here in the Belltown Starbucks (whence my old laptop was Stolen), I heard their PA system just Now playing a recording of a Weepy little song from the 19th century (a Modern cover thereof, that is) called "Please, Mister Conductor", about a kid who hopped a train without paying from his school so he could see his Dying mother one last time.  It just so happens that I wrote a rather Sardonic parody of this song back in high school (called "Please, Mr. Co-Pilot"), after hearing a version of it from the late Helen Schneyer on my Favorite folk radio program.  I was just thinking about my parody song Recently, and trying to recall how it went.  It was pretty Sick and Twisted, but oh well..."Now, sir, won't you tell me what you had in mind when you said I was 'getting off quick'..." also happens that I'm now writing on my new laptop, a Dell Inspiron 15-series with Windows 7.  Seems to be working Okay so Far, except that Some of my keys are not producing their letters Onscreen like they're Supposed to, and I'm having to hit these keys more than Once at a time.  I don't know if I'm striking the keys too hard, or not hard Enough.  Hope this doesn't keep Up for too Long...
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Although in Hibernation Mode... [Dec. 17th, 2013|04:48 pm]
[Current Mood |draineddrained]

...I am, in fact, still Here!  I've just been spending way too much time with the Usual gang of idiots over at Facebook and Twitter.  Tomorrow, however, I'm leaving for my annual Christmas trip over to Crossville, TN, still Inhabited by my Mom and her two Feline Overladies (is there a different Feminine form of "Feline Overlord"?).

Hopefully, while there, I will purchase or order a new laptop with a suitably Sizable hard drive, with a little help from my relatives (my brother won't be showing this year, due to Recent business travel and really Godawful weather in the Dallas/Fort Worth area).  Y'see, my old laptop from 2006 with a relatively new hard drive, Decrepit but Serviceable though it was, was Stolen out of my neighborhood Starbucks a few weekends Ago!  Whoever took the thing won't get much use from it, since the battery is completely dead (they took only the laptop itself, not the AC power thing).  And even if they do manage to get it powered Up, login to Windows is Locked by a password Known only to myself and one or two repaircritters at HP's computer hospital in Tennessee).  And even if they get past that barrier, they won't find anything particularly Useful to themselves, unless they really have a thing for photos of local blossoming cherry trees, and a Wildtangent games console.  At any rate, I have almost everything from that hard drive backed up on CD/DVDs at home.  Anyway...I was needing a new laptop anyway; I'd still like an HP Pavilion Notebook, with at least 200 GB on the hard drive; and, of course, compatibility with Wildtangent hidden-object games and the like.

The latest armchair activism I've been doing, which has taken me away from here for far too Long, includes, but is not Limited to, the following:

Justina Pelletier: It really must suck if you're 15, have mitochondrial disease, and catch the flu--especially if you end up at Boston Children's Hospital, where your parents are Accused of "medical child abuse" (sort of the Current PC term for Munchhausen by Proxy Syndrome); you are diagnosed with "somatoform disorder" (basically a severe type of hypochondria); and the state's CPS snatches you away from your family and locks you up in BCH's pediatric psych ward for ten months!  It's about time someone asked this poor kid how SHE feels and what SHE wants in the way of "medical intervention."  Life in a private hospital room gets really Old really Fast; and she desperately wants to be home for Christmas, far Away from the power-tripping egomaniacs running BCH Hospital.

Lon Watts/Jim Heath: This one reminds me quite uncomfortably of the Sharon Kowalski case of 1983-1992 (which I first heard about at a women's music concert in D.C. in 1987, when I picked up a flyer titled, "Why Can't Sharon Come Home?").  Similarly to Ms. Pelletier's situation, it must really suck if you're a same-sex couple in Texas (for that matter, if you're LGBT at all in Texas), you've been together for over three decades, and the older of the two of you develops early-onset Alzheimer's disease.  And then, your partner's sister assumes guardianship over him (without mentioning in court that you already had Power of Attorney, going both ways); and does everything Possible to isolate him in a nursing home, with no contact with his partner, friends, or partner's relatives Allowed.  This story has elements of both ham-handed hospitals and guardianship abuse; and Lon (who I now follow on Facebook) will be heading to court this coming Friday to hopefully begin a Successful challenge to the abusive guardianship of Jim's sibling over Jim.  Once you guys win this one, it might be in your best interests to get the hell out of Texas.  Iowa is the Nearest state thus Far to legalize same-sex marriage.
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Loud Babbled Prayers in the Belltown Starbucks on a Dark and Stormy Night... [Sep. 30th, 2013|06:55 pm]
[Current Mood |listlesslistless]

To the folks meeting and praying Together yesterday evening here at the Belltown neighborhood Starbucks: Hey, y'all--I don't mind in the least if you get Together at Starbucks for a small religious gathering, Including prayers and discussions of Divine influence in your lives and all that; but please do try to lower the vocal volume a bit.  We were the only ones (besides the baristas) in the shop at the time; and the ultra-High ceiling in here made your voices carry to the point of sounding electronically Amplified.  I was trying to have my usual Sunday p.m. chat with my Mom in Tennessee; and we had to call it quits after about 20 minutes (she is usually at least twice that Verbose on the phone), because I could barely hear her over all your Exuberant quips about Divine intervention; and she said that I sounded like I was under water (and it wasn't even raining that hard at the time).

Then again, the style of the prayers Offered was a bit Grating as well.  The folks in this gathering took turns praying near the end of their meeting; and they all seemed to be Accustomed to praying in this rather Annoying style, the origin of which I have yet to pin down.  No doubt some readers have heard it Before--a person praying Aloud at a quick tempo (not necessarily loudly), and using the words God, Jesus, Lord, Father, and other Judeo-Christian titles for the Cosmic Intelligence at least once in every Single phrase of the generally Overlong and quickly-Babbled prayer.  There's also the problem of overuse of the phrases "just really" and "really just" in nearly every phrase.  It sounds a little like this (try to imagine someone saying this really fast, with other folks in the gathering mumbling "Amen" at intervals): "God, I just really want to lift up Jenny, Lord, and God, I know that you know what she's going through, God, and I know that you are just really going to show her how much you love her Lord, and that you have such a great plan for her life Father, and I really just ask for you to show her God your perfect guidance Jesus, and I thank you Lord that I was able to hang out with her God for a while yesterday, thank you Lord..."  And that's just the first eight seconds or So.  If you listened to this for five or ten minutes at a stretch, you might get the impression that God has some Serious attention-deficit problems, and needs to be continuously Reminded that He/She is the person being Addressed.  Either that, or God has some Unwritten rule that prayers ought to be kept to within 2-3 minutes, so you'd best cram in all your requests and petitions as quickly as Possible before God hits the "Enter" button, and moves on to the next Chattering supplicant.  I mean, come on, folks--what's the freaking rush?  If I want to communicate with the Cosmic Intelligence, I at least take my time about it.

Oh well, it's a free country (at least, it still goes through the motions of free speech and Whatnot).  And praying is one thing that corporate-Controlled media can't stick its nose into.  Meanwhile, my nightly Reiki sessions with my doggie friend continue; and he often seems to be the Strong and Positive one who makes me feel Better...
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